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In this progressive society in which we live, whoever wins the battle of language wins the war of ideas. And in that, the left has a master’s degree. They take you to their dialectical terrain, they corner you with misleading platitudes, they dismantle you with a clean move of words and bam! you fall into the trap and your convictions begin to stutter. Either that, or you engage in a head-butting combat with which you will not be able to defeat the enemy, much less convince him that this head-butting contains the reason.

The progressive language tells us, swears and perjures us, that the abortion they want to sell us is a voluntary interruption, that it is feminist, that it is a right, that it is health, that it is a solution, that it is progressive, modern and solidary, that it is a social achievement, that it is innocuous, that it is rational, scientific and civilized, that it defends women, that it is a good in itself and even economically profitable. And that pro-lifers are all chauvinists, of the extreme right and, to make matters worse, Christian fundamentalists. Without exception. Well, nothing, now it is our turn to speak.

It Is Not Interruption

To interrupt is to stop the continuity of an action, that is to say, that it then resumes. In abortion we could speak of slowing down, liquidating, terminating, sacrificing, extirpating, truncating, truncating, truncating, eradicating, crushing… but of interrupting, not by a long shot.

It Is Not Voluntary

Seventy-five percent of women who have abortions do not do so by free choice, but forced by unbearable pressures from their partners, their families and their work, in the face of which they see no other way out. If no options are given, if no alternatives are provided, the decision is not voluntary, it is obligatory.

It Is Not A Right

No woman has the right to kill a life. Even if it lives inside her body. It is that life that has the right to be protected. Just as it is the child who has the right to be adopted, not its prospective parents who have the right to adopt.

It Is Not Health

Abortion centers do not inform women about the details of this type of intervention, the physical and psychological consequences it has. From uterine perforations, loss and prematurity of the next child to alterations in sexual desire, sterility and serious psychiatric disorders. Post-abortion syndrome is a traumatic and painful reality that has always been hidden.

It is not an achievement of society. All experts agree: abortion is a failure of society. Our society cannot develop around the culture of death. Preventing the death of a baby, that is an achievement.

It Does Not Defend Women

Defending women means informing them of the options and offering the necessary support so that they can, if they want to, have their child and take care of it. And this is not done by pro-abortionist or feminist associations, nor, of course, by the State. 

It Is Not A Solution

The only solution is to make abortion the last possible solution. Abortion is almost always a profound problem. For the mother, for her family and work environment, for society… The only solution is to avoid it as much as possible.

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