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Guinea pigs are grazing animals and eat constantly. A choice of tastier, higher-calorie food is preferred. That makes you wonder if guinea pigs can feel full and if they will stop eating when full.Guinea pigs can feel full. Guinea pigs cannot vomit if they overeat or take harmful substances. Guinea pigs retain anything they eat until it passes through their system. Guinea pigs need to feed constantly to be healthy.You can feed them fiber-rich hay, veggies, and pellets. This will keep them full for longer.Always serve treats like fruits, veggies, and pellets in moderation.Guinea pigs are usually hungry and eat as much as they can.

Filling them with treats may cause diarrhea, bloating, and other gastrointestinal difficulties.


Can you overfeed a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are grazers and will eat all day. They are also finicky eaters.

If given high sugar food, guinea pigs will devour it all.

They may overeat if their diet lacks fiber.

If your guinea pigs don’t self-regulate their food intake, you must aid them.

That helps kids avoid high-fat and carbohydrate foods like fruits and sugary vegetables like corn, peas, and carrots.

To maintain their food balanced and nutritious, serve them with other dark green veggies and hay.

Types of Guinea Pigs Food Quantity of food that can be intake
Hay (meadow/ timothy) Guinea pigs can consume hay as much they like.
Leafy Greens (spinach, chard, lettuce) You must serve a small leaf daily. It is rich in Vitamin C which is must for them
Other vegetables(Tomatoes, Squash, bell peppers, etc.) A small slice(approx. 25 grams) would be ideal
Fruits(Cranberries, Orange, Strawberries, Apple, etc) Not more than 1 slice once a week.
Pellets 1/8th of a cup daily. Must be fortified with Vitamin C

Do a guinea pig stops eating?

It’s normal for them to cease eating when they sleep or play. You should realize that guinea pigs eat frequently throughout the day.

GI Stasis

Starvation and death result from digestive tracts that shut down.

Gastrointestinal stasis is a common cause of death in guinea pigs, caused by a diet low in fiber, high in fat, and complex carbs.

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Overgrown Teeth

Then we will suggest you to clip your guinea pig’s teeth. They won’t be able to eat if their top row of teeth crosses their bottom row.

Diet and living conditions cause enlarged teeth in guinea pigs.

Inadequate nutrition and chewing toys might also contribute to tooth overgrowth.

To maintain their teeth in shape, we recommend good quality hay and wooden chew toys.


Guinea pigs, being prey animals, easily become stressed. Guinea pigs are continuously on the alert for predators.

Your guinea pigs may be dominating their cage mates, but not predators.

You must always keep your guinea pigs stress-free as prolonged stress can cause serious health complications.

Sudden shocks can cause cardiac arrest in guinea pigs. Keeping kids calm and stress-free is important.

If you find anything stressing your guinea pigs, attempt to remove it.

Can you keep feeding your guinea pig?

Your guinea pigs decide. Some guineas self-regulate their food intake, whereas others overeat and fixate on calorie-dense junk food.

Those guinea pigs that can eat more should always be fed amounts.

Healthy guinea pigs with no weight issues are ideal candidates for free feeding.

Obesity in guinea pigs can lead to serious health issues if not controlled.

Stress-sensitive animals like guinea pigs are more prone to cardiovascular problems.

My guinea pig won’t stop eating

The guinea pig’s diet and appetite first surprise new owners. Guinea pigs eat hay for most of the day.

Guinea pigs may even wake up to nibble hay before sleeping again. Your guinea pigs will be more picky about fruits, vegetables, and commercial goodies.

It’s normal for your guinea pigs to eat more hay than usual. A guinea pig’s appetite is known to fluctuate. But that won’t be a problem until they get lots of treats.

Strawberry, carrot, pea, and maize are favorites of guinea pigs because they are sweet and tasty. However, these diets do not have as much fiber as hay.

Always feed your guinea pig primarily hay. Hay is high in fiber, which guinea pigs require.

Guinea pigs need a lot of fiber in their diet to control their digestive system, keep their gut moving, and feel full.

The table below shows the consequences of overfeeding your guinea pigs and how to detect it.


Guinea pigs are grazers and eat all day. You must feed them largely fresh hay and green leafy vegetables.

Treats should be served only twice a week. They will stop eating when they are full.

Consumption stops when the digestive system shuts down.

Excessive stress can cause serious health issues in guinea pigs, so always keep them calm and stress-free.

Also, we recommend that you love and care for your guinea pigs to create a positive atmosphere for them.