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It is those little organic products with green flesh that are stuffed with a sweet and tart flavor and a punch of vitamins and minerals. They are also known as “kiwifruit.” It’s possible that you, like me, have wondered if you can feed this incredibly nutritious meal to your guinea pigs as well. So, can Guinea pigs eat kiwi? Let’s take a look and see!
Kiwi is a fruit that guinea pigs can eat without issue. In addition to being high in Vitamin C, which is critical for our guinea pigs’ health, the kiwi fruit contains a lot of natural sugar, which can lead to obesity. It is recommended that we give our guinea pigs a small portion of this food once a week.
Each pet is an individual, as I have stated previously.The fact that you’ve discovered that your guinea pig is capable of consuming kiwi does not necessarily imply that he will enjoy the flavor and actively seek it out when you offer it to him or her.Although some guinea pigs may enjoy the taste, there are others who do not. It is completely normal.Additionally, if you are introducing kiwi for the first time, proceed with caution.

Monitor their stool closely and make any necessary adjustments if you notice any signs of loose bowels or other medical problems.

In conclusion, continue to encourage your guinea pigs with their staple diet of hay, which can be found in many places.

Simply supplement your diet with fruits and vegetables as a source of vitamins and minerals every now and then.


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Nutrition in a Kiwi?

Benefits of kiwi for guinea pigs

Source: USDA National Nutrient database

Vitamin C 92.7 mg/ 100 g
Vitamin B-6 0.063 mg/ 100 g
Vitamin A 4 ug/ 100 g
Calcium 34 mg/ 100 g
Phosphorous 34 mg/ 100 g
Potassium 312 mg/ 100 g
Fiber 3 g/ 100 g
Sugar 8.9 g/ 100 g
Protein 1.14 g/ 100 g
Carbs 14.66 g/ 100 g
Calories 61 Kcal
Fat 0.52 g/ 100 g
Water 83.07 g/ 100 g

The kiwi is one of those fruits that contains a significant amount of Vitamin C in it. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for the body because it aids in the strengthening of the body’s immune system.

Additionally, it contributes to the overall health of our heart and body. Kiwi also contains other essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, Iron, and potassium, as well as a variety of other nutrients.

These vitamins are also essential components of a healthy diet. It contributes to the preservation of the body’s overall health. A significant amount of calcium and phosphorus can be found in kiwifruit.

Calcium and phosphorus are essential for the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. These minerals contribute to the health of the heart and the proper functioning of the body’s muscles.

The kiwi fruit also contains a significant amount of fiber. Fiber is an essential component of the diet because it aids in the maintenance of the digestive system and the prevention of diseases such as diarrhea.

Is kiwi good for guinea pig’s health?

Is kiwi good for guinea pig’s health_
Picture Credits: clover & sage, Instagram Handle: cloverandsagepigs

The answer is yes, kiwi is a delicious fruit that can be enjoyed every now and then. Fruits are an essential part of a person’s diet if they are to meet their body’s requirements for Vitamin C.

The kiwi fruit contains a significant amount of vitamin C (92.7 mg/100 gram) in it. A guinea pig’s diet must contain adequate amounts of vitamin C.

Guinea pigs are unable to produce vitamin C on their own, so their diet must be supplemented with vitamin C to make up for the deficiency that exists in their bodies.

Including fruits such as kiwi, even in small amounts, can provide a significant boost to their Vitamin C requirements.

In addition to vitamin E, vitamin K, vitamin B-6, and other minerals, kiwi contributes to the production of other vitamins and minerals, which is beneficial to our guinea pigs.

These vitamins are critical for the overall development of guinea pigs and must be provided. In addition, the kiwi fruit contains the recommended amount of potassium.

Potassium is beneficial for guinea pigs because it helps to prevent calcification, and as a result, the likelihood of them developing bladder stones is reduced significantly.

A small amount of fiber can be found in kiwi fruit as well. Fiber is an important component of a guinea pig’s diet because it aids in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system. Guinea pigs benefit from eating a diet high in fiber because it improves their overall health.

Is kiwi bad for our guinea pigs?

Having too much of anything is bad, and this is true for kiwi as well as any other fruit. While kiwi is packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for the body, there are a few things to keep in mind before including it in our guinea pig’s daily diet.

Kiwi contains a significant amount of calcium and phosphorus, making it a healthy snack option. When it comes to mature guinea pigs, calcium and phosphorus are not recommended because they are toxic to young and pregnant guinea pigs, respectively.

In guinea pigs, a high calcium diet is frequently associated with diseases such as bladder stones/sludge.

A high concentration of sugar is present in the kiwi, which can be harmful to your Guinea Pig’s health. In Guinea pigs, a high sugar diet is frequently associated with diseases such as diarrhea, diabetes, and obesity.

How much Kiwi Can guinea pigs eat?

Picture Credits: Guinea Pigs Love, Instagram Handle: bolotas_de_amor_

The key to successful serving is to maintain a sense of balance. If we serve the right amount of fruit, we will be able to reap the benefits of the fruit without suffering too much from its negative effects.

An occasional slice of kiwi would be the most appropriate serving, perhaps once or twice a week. You can serve it more or less frequently depending on how well you balance the other food components in their diet with it.

When it comes to fruits and treats, Guinea pigs can be very charming and persuasive, and they may persuade you to go overboard and share even more of these with your guinea pigs than you originally intended.

However, we must be cautious and keep our emotions under control while feeding our guinea pigs only the recommended amount of food.

Can guinea pigs eat kiwi skin?

I would never serve kiwi with the skin to my guinea pigs, and neither would you. Because kiwi skin has a rough texture, it has caused choking in some of our guinea pigs in the past.

Despite the fact that some people believe that kiwi skin is safe for our pigs, there is another issue to consider aside from choking hazards. Pesticides sprayed on kiwi can often be absorbed by the skin and remain there even after the fruit has been washed thoroughly.

As a result, I believe it is preferable to thoroughly wash the fruit and peel the surface before serving it to our guinea pigs. When in doubt, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

can guinea pigs eat kiwi
Picture Credits: Guinea Pigs Love, Instagram Handle: bolotas_de_amor_

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Can guinea pigs eat kiwi seeds?

Yup, Guinea pigs can consume the seeds of kiwifruit. Watermelon, papaya, and apples have hard seeds that must be removed; soft seeds such as kiwi, tomatoes, and blueberries, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable.

Although, because of their small throats, it is possible that feeding young guinea pigs could be harmful in some cases. As a result, exercise caution when providing kiwis to your guinea pigs.

How to prepare kiwi for your guinea pigs?

can guinea pigs eat kiwi fruit

The addition of kiwi to a guinea pig’s diet is highly recommended. However, we must prepare the fruit in the proper manner so that our guinea pigs can consume it safely. So, let’s see how we can make kiwi for our guinea pigs by following these steps:

  • The very first step is to select the most appropriate kiwi for your guinea pigs. The kiwi fruit we choose must be both fresh and ripe in flavor. When guinea pigs consume stale or unripe fruits, they are more likely to develop digestive problems.
  • The second step is to thoroughly wash the skin of your kiwi fruit with water. Kiwi is frequently sprayed with potentially harmful chemicals. Cleaning it thoroughly ensures that all of the substances have been removed. Using a peeler or a knife, carefully peel the skin away from the meat.
  • The third step involves slicing the kiwi into four small slices.. If you wish, you can remove the seeds from the kiwi during this step. Despite the fact that it is not particularly harmful, I believe it is prudent to exercise extra caution when dealing with our pets.
  • Finally, you can serve one or two small slices of the cake to your guinea pigs as a final treat. Even when they are aware that you are preparing a special treat for them, they will not stop popcorning.
  • Also, keep in mind to remove any extra fruit that has accumulated in the cage after a few hours. Fresh fruit or vegetable leftovers are frequently a source of attraction for flies and rats.


Bringing the question we started with to a close. Is it safe for guinea pigs to eat kiwi? Yes, they can definitely consume kiwi, but the portion size must be kept under control so that they get the most benefit from it.

Kiwi for guinea pigs

It’s important to remember that fresh fruits are frequently just supplements for the Vitamin C that guinea pigs require in their diet.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should never be substituted for the staple diet of our guinea pigs under any circumstances. And, in other words, hay.

More information on a well-balanced diet for Guinea pigs can be found in our In-depth guide on the diet of Guinea pigs.

Making sure that our guinea pigs have constant access to fresh hay and water is the most important thing we can do to ensure their well-being.

It is essential that they have access to fresh grass as part of their diet, and we must supplement it with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables to provide a well-rounded diet for them.

Related Questions

Can guinea pigs eat golden kiwi?

Yes, golden kiwi is suitable for consumption by Guinea pigs. The vitamin C content of golden kiwi fruits is even higher than that of green kiwi fruits. Maintaining the same serving size as green kiwi is critical to avoiding overfeeding your guinea pigs. Otherwise, they will become obese.

Can Guinea pigs eat dried kiwi?

No, dried kiwi is not suitable for consumption by Guinea pigs. Dried kiwi are frequently coated with granular sugar, which increases the total amount of sugar consumed by our guinea pig.

Sugar is something that we need to keep an eye on closely. A high-sugar diet will increase the risk of disease in our guinea-pigs over time.

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Source: ISHS Horticulture, Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition