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The majority of the time, guinea pigs are easily scared and will flee when faced with a potential threat. You may be wondering if your guinea pigs are alarmed by loud noises such as lightning and thunder in light of this information. Are guinea pigs, on the other hand, afraid of loud noises? Let’s take a look and see! Your guinea pigs can be terrified of loud noises, and in some cases, it may even endanger their lives if the noise is too loud. Guinea pigs have a better sense of hearing than humans, which means that even the sound of loud music, a vacuum cleaner, fireworks, or even dumpster trucks can cause them to become unsettled.guinea pigs are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, particularly sounds, and thus, it is not possible to completely eliminate all loud noises from your guinea pig’s environment.You, on the other hand, have the ability to take the necessary steps to bring it down. Moving your guinea pig to the interior of your home is a good first step in this direction.


How do I know if my guinea pig is scared?

It is possible to recognize the following signs in your guinea pigs when they are scared:

  • Grooming that is excessive.
  • If they are attempting to conceal themselves.
  • They are gnawing on the bars of their enclosure.
  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or play with their bottle
  • He is adamant about not moving.
  • They are constantly running around in circles in their enclosure.

If you notice your guinea pigs behaving in this manner, it is likely that they are afraid of something.

As soon as you notice that your guinea pigs are stressed, you should take steps to calm them down as soon as possible. Excessive stress can cause our guinea pigs to succumb to their injuries or die.

Why are guinea pigs scared of loud noises?

Guinea pigs are capable of detecting danger in a variety of ways. These animals have a keen sense of hearing, which they use to detect potential threats and take appropriate precautions to keep themselves safe.

Guinea pigs may become nervous as a result of this, but it is necessary for their survival.

You should be aware that the sense of fear experienced by guinea pigs is a survival strategy. In spite of the fact that they can become fearful and nervous in a noisy environment, it is essential for their survival that they do.

It is important to understand that guinea pigs were originally domesticated so that they could be bred for food purposes.

Despite the fact that they are now bred as domestic pets, their natural tendency to be terrified of loud noises has not been eliminated.

Are guinea pigs scared of fireworks?

In the event that fireworks are set off in close proximity to where your guinea pigs live, there is the possibility that they will perish from fear. However, there are some strategies that you can use to keep them calm, which we will discuss later in this article.

It’s possible for Guinea pigs to become alarmed to the point of having a heart attack if they hear an unusually loud noise.

Many animals, including guinea pigs, are frightened and upset by the Fourth of July celebrations and bonfire night, which we would like you to be aware of.

According to studies, a large number of road accidents occur every year as a result of animals fleeing for their lives when they are startled.

In most cases, animals become distressed by the loud noises of fireworks and flee towards a road, putting their lives in danger. So, at the very least, you should be well prepared for these days.

Are guinea pigs scared of thunder?

Because guinea pigs are prey animals, they are frightened by loud noises, which is understandable. In our guinea pigs, thunder creates loud sounds that can stress them out, leading to the loss of their lives in some instances.

In the event of thunder, we recommend that you bring your guinea pigs indoors and keep them in the center of your home, away from doors and windows.

You must provide them with a familiar environment in order for them to feel safe, and you can do this by placing some hideouts and fleece beds in the area so that they can feel comfortable.

How to calm down a scared guinea pig?

It is important to understand that loud noises can make your guinea pigs feel threatened, regardless of whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Your guinea pigs may even die if they are overly alarmed or stressed.

You can take a variety of precautions to keep their guinea pigs calm and safe during thunderstorms and fireworks displays.

Move them to a secured spot

In the event of loud noises such as thunder, you should relocate your guinea pigs to a safe location..

You can relocate your guinea pigs to a quieter part of your home where the noise will be less noticeable to them. Always keep them away from openings such as windows or doors.

Because guinea pigs are prey animals, their ears are extremely sensitive and they are unable to tolerate loud noises.

Guinea pigs should never be kept in an environment where there is a lot of background noise. Your guinea pigs should be kept in a calm environment with only the most minimal noises that they can tolerate.

Add some hideouts

In order to keep your guinea pigs safe, we recommend that you bring their enclosure indoors and create a sheltered hiding place for them inside their enclosure with plenty of cozy bedding.

Additionally, you can prepare a separate hiding spot within an enclosure by taking the following steps:

You can cut a hole in a cardboard box to provide a comfortable environment for your guinea pigs.
We will recommend that you keep some hay inside the box so that your guinea pigs have something to chew on when they are not playing.
If your guinea pigs are already inside the box, you can also include some of their favorite toys.

Reduce loud noises

They may become frightened if they hear the sounds of fireworks, lightning, or thunder in the vicinity.

It is recommended that you close the windows and draw the curtains to prevent loud noises from entering your home.

Distracting your guinea pigs with white noise sources such as a television, fan, air conditioner or radio can also be beneficial to your animals. You can also play some relaxing music for the guinea pigs, as they enjoy listening to music.

Try to talk with them

It is possible that your guinea pigs will prefer to remain close to you in order to reduce their fear. Because guinea pigs are social animals, they are more likely to bond when faced with adversity.

As a result, you should allow your guinea pigs to come to you if this occurs. Guinea pigs are extremely affectionate, but they only show their affection when they feel like it. You will not be able to make your guinea pigs fall in love with you.

Always keep in mind that guinea pigs are not fond of being cuddled or handled excessively, so be gentle.

In the event you notice that your guinea pigs do not feel comfortable being held, you should put them down as soon as possible because they can become stressed if you force them to be held against their will.

You should sit close to your guinea pigs so that they can bond with you in the manner in which they prefer to do so.

It’s also possible to bring your guinea pigs indoors and allow them to remain in their familiar environment until the fireworks or storms have passed. The comfort and relaxation of guinea pigs will also be enhanced if they are kept in their familiar environment.

Distract your guinea pigs with some entertainment

You can also pique your guinea pig’s interest by providing him with some amusement.

We will recommend that you play some games with your guinea pigs in order to divert their attention away from the loud noises in the environment.

Some fun games to play with your guinea pigs can be found in this section.

Play reverse fetches: You should allow your guinea pigs to throw something at you with their teeth while you are watching them.

Go bowling: You can set up some items that can be used as bowling pins and let your guinea pigs knock them over with their noses to get them to fall over.
Toss something in your direction and allow your guinea pigs to take off with it. You can use a piece of newspaper or junk mail to make your paper airplane.

If you notice that your guinea pigs are stressed even after playing with you, we recommend that you do not force them to play against their wishes.

It’s best to leave your guinea pigs alone because they may prefer to relax quietly in their hiding spot.

Play some calm music

We would like you to be aware that guinea pigs enjoy listening to soothing music. You can use music with a low volume to divert your guinea pigs’ attention away from distracting noises.

Guinea pigs are prey animals, and as such, they are easily startled by loud noises. Playing soothing music can help to relax your guinea pigs and make them feel more comfortable in their environment.

When to reach out to a vet

Continue to calm your guinea pigs down if you notice that they are no longer screaming or displaying fewer signs of terror that may not harm them.

It is necessary to seek medical attention if, however, your guinea pig’s fear results in an injury (e.g., spinal injury or fractured limbs).

You should be aware that, unlike other pets, guinea pigs do not benefit from the use of artificial aromas to calm them down when they become stressed.

You must understand that even the slightest amount of fear can cause a heart attack in guinea pigs, necessitating immediate veterinary attention.

Can guinea pigs die from stress?

If you are afraid of something, such as a thunderstorm, your pituitary gland, which is located at the base of your brain, will release neurotransmitters to calm you down.

The neurotransmitters will then form connections with various tissues throughout the guinea pig’s body, with the adrenal glands serving as the most prominent of these connections.

Afterwards, the adrenal glands secrete adrenaline into the blood stream. When under prolonged stress, they also release glucocorticosteroids, which help to regulate the immune system.

Increased blood pressure and heart rate are caused by adrenaline in guinea pigs. The blood flow of guinea pigs is diverted to the vital organs and away from non-essential tissues when they perceive danger.

With the increase in their respiratory rate, the guinea pigs’ eyes eventually dilate, and their blood sugar levels rise at a rapid pace as a result of this.

Fear may cause your guinea pig’s digestive system to become sluggish and stop functioning. In the short term, the consequences of stress are unmistakable. The guinea pigs’ senses are also heightened as a result of the above conditions, which allows them to flee from danger.

Even so, guinea pigs can suffer negative effects from stress if they are subjected to prolonged or extreme stress for long periods of time.

A lack of blood supply to the non-essential tissues can cause them to cease functioning completely. Gastrointestinal tract changes may result in gut stasis, diarrhea, enterotoxaemia, and enteritis, among other complications.

Remember that the depletion of energy reserves in the liver can result in the starvation of body tissues and, in the worst case scenario, the death of our test subjects.

Last words

Our guinea pigs can be easily scared and even die as a result of loud noises, so please keep them away from them at all times.

According to studies, animals that are sensitive to stress, such as guinea pigs, are more likely to develop arterial hypertension, hypotension, and heart failure than other animals.

It is possible that your guinea pigs will experience “fear paralysis.” This is when they become completely paralyzed by fear. When an animal experiences fear paralysis, it is defined as a short-term and changeable condition of deep motor obstruction that has the potential to result in death.

Finally, we would like to advise you to take good care of your guinea pigs and to show them as much affection and attention as possible.

Because guinea pigs are unable to tolerate loud noises, you should always maintain a calm environment with minimal background noise.

Guinea pigs are afraid of loud noises because they are prey animals, and this is true. Guinea pigs have sensitive hearing and are unable to tolerate loud noises. Excessive noise can even result in the death of our guinea pigs if it is not controlled.

In addition to this, you should always exercise extreme caution around your guinea pigs in order to maintain an unbreakable bond with them.