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Guinea pigs are energetic animals who enjoy engaging in a variety of play activities with a variety of toys. Tunnels, hammocks, chew toys, a sleeping couch, and other similar items are among the most popular guinea pig toys available. In terms of providing toys for our guinea pigs, we have a wide range of options to choose from, depending on their age.Guinea pig toys are one of the most important components of any Guinea pig supply. Guinea pigs are intelligent and active animals, and they will require regular mental stimulation in order to maintain their mental well-being.

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What are the best toys for guinea pigs?

However, there are so many options available on the market these days that people are perplexed as to which one they should choose from. It is not necessary to spend hours reading Amazon reviews or searching through forums in order to find the best ones.

Here is a list of some of my guinea pigs’ all-time favorite toys that I have collected over the years:

  1. JanYoo Chew Toys(Set Of 7)
  2. Niteangel Fun Tunnel With 3 Pack Play Balls For Guinea Pigs
  3. Prevue Pet Products Play Pen For Guinea Pigs
  4. JanYoo Guinea Pig Bed Accessories
  5. Corner Fleece Forest Hideout For Guinea Pigs
  6. Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle E-Cup Bed
  7. Kaytee Igloo Hideaway For Guinea Pigs
  8. AUOKER Bunny Chew Toys For Guinea Pigs
  9. EONMIR 2Pack Guinea Pig Hammock
  10. Metacrafter Guinea Pig Hammock

You could use these if you just wanted a quick list of the best of the best. However, if you are interested in learning more about toys, their significance, and why these particular toys were the best, I recommend that you continue reading.

Do guinea pigs need toys?

Yes, if you want to keep your Guinea pigs happy, you will need to provide them with a lot of toys. Toys are one of the most effective ways to keep guinea pigs entertained. If you do not provide your guinea pigs with hours and hours of floor time, you should consider including a large number of toys in their enclosure.

When offering your guinea pigs their toys, you must not combine all of the toys into a single package. It is recommended by experts that you rotate some of the toys every time you clean the cage. This will ensure that each time you introduce a new change, they will experience something new and different. The importance of keeping their minds stimulated cannot be overstated, and avoiding a monotonous environment should be one of the factors to consider.

Your children may become bored and depressed if you are unable to provide them with sufficient mental stimulation. In some cases, these conditions can be fatal, and they can also lead to a variety of other diseases in guinea pigs. Giving them a few toys and other items makes a significant difference in their overall well-being.

If you have noticed that your guinea pig is not as active as it used to be or that it is constantly biting the bars of its cage, you must understand the psychological reasons for this behavior and how to address them. It is possible that boredom and depression are among the root causes of the condition.

What type of toys are best for guinea pigs?

In the past, I’ve played with a variety of different toys. Even though some of them were very aesthetically pleasing, they didn’t offer much in the way of mental and physical stimulation. There is no point in purchasing such toys; instead, try to include toys that have value or are beneficial to our guinea pigs.

Attempt to select toys that are made of natural materials whenever possible. However, you must make certain that the materials used are not harmful to the guinea pigs. Having a chewable toy, hiding spots, and places to take a nap are some of the best decisions you can make for your pet.

Although, do not expect the toys to last for an extended period of time, particularly the chew toys. Those toys are intended to be chewed and torn apart, and your guinea pig will do exactly the same thing with his.

10 Best Toys For Guinea Pig: My Personal Recommendation

1. JanYoo Chew toys(Set of 7)

Set of toys for guinea pigs

A collection of seven different toys made from the branches of pine, China fir, and apple trees. Because these materials are completely non-toxic, they can be administered to guinea pigs without the need for any additional treatment.

Unlike low-cost, low-quality toys with a rough finish, these toys are made with excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials, which is yet another compelling reason to choose them over the alternatives.

My Guinea pigs usually enjoy moving them around, chewing on them, and trying to flip them all the time as a form of entertainment. It’s a fantastically entertaining moment for everyone who happens to be looking at them.

Toss the toys in your refrigerator until you’ve used them all up. A quick tip: cover the toys with some plastic material or a ziplock bag to keep them safe. Mites will be less likely to infest the area if this is done.

This seven-piece set of toys was one of my favorite purchases in the past years.

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2. Niteangel Fun Tunnel with 3 Pack Play Balls for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig play tunnel

This tunnel is a fantastic stimulator for your guinea pigs and will keep them entertained for hours. They are fond of burrowing and hiding in small, cozy spaces, and this toy is something they would enjoy playing with a great deal. It also comes with three additional balls, which are made of natural seagrass, water hyacinth, and rattan, and are therefore completely safe to nibble on and toss around.

The tunnel itself is stretchable and made of stain-resistant plastic, which means it will last longer even after your guinea pigs make numerous attempts to nibble on it and break it. They would enjoy tossing the ball around and hiding inside the tunnel with a favorite treat in their possession.

Even though it can be a little difficult to wash and clean the poop out of the inner part, this is not one of the major disadvantages of using a diaper. The environment may not be ideal for those who prefer a sterile, clean environment. Others, on the other hand, can be cleaned by using a piper and a moderate amount of water pressure. It is necessary to stretch it for a long period of time before doing so in order to ensure that poop does not remain attached to the ridges.

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Recommended Supplies For Guinea pigs: Our Top Picks!

Before you read on, here are some supplies for your guinea pigs that have been hand-picked by our experts and that you should add to your wishlist right away:

3. Prevue Pet Products Play Pen for Guinea pigs


Guinea pigs have their own playpen, which is similar to our child having a small private games room of their own. It is certain that your guinea pig will adore it. They were chirping and completely enthused about the playpen as soon as we put them in it when we first got it for our guinea pig.

The steel mesh used in the construction of the playpen is powder coated and pet safe. The wire spacing is 3/8 inch, and the panels are 13 inches long and 9 inches high, resulting in a 36-inch-diameter play area that is large enough to accommodate a pair of guinea pigs.

The best situation for your guinea pigs is if you can put their play pen in a safe outdoor location. They have a lot of room to run around and exercise, which makes them very happy and content.

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4. JanYoo Guinea Pig Bed Accessories

guinea pig bed

Guinea pigs are particularly fond of burrowing inside this cosy little bed. It’s a wonderful addition to your guinea pig’s life. In particular, during the summer months, when the temperature drops, they enjoy curling up in these. Although, before purchasing one of these for your guinea pigs, you should consider the size of the animals.

It is also a wonderful addition for the children because they can hold the bed in their hand and guinea pigs will not scratch them, and they will feel more comfortable holding the guinea pig in their hands.

Furthermore, because they have something beneath their legs, the guinea pig feels more secure. The guinea pig and your child will both benefit from it because it is less stressful. Overall, this is an excellent addition for guinea pigs of small to medium size.

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5. Corner Fleece Forest Hideout for Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig hideout

The fleece hideout in the corner is yet another wonderful addition that your guinea pigs will undoubtedly adore and enjoy. I like these for two reasons: first, they are extremely simple to maintain; you can simply wash them out whenever they become dirty. Second, they are extremely affordable.

In addition, it happens to be my guinea pig’s favorite place to take a nap. Guinea pigs are prey animals, and they appreciate a hiding spot that provides them with protection from the top as well as the other sides, and this is an excellent choice for the purpose of providing them with such protection.

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6. Kaytee Super Sleeper Cuddle E-Cup Bed

For bedding or a sleeper couch for your guinea pigs, the Kaytee cuddle e-cup bed is another excellent option to consider. This is a great place for a pair of guinea pigs to snuggle up in. Some of my guinea pigs are reluctant to leave their home, particularly during the winter.

It is extremely simple to clean because the poop does not adhere to it as easily as it would otherwise. Even if your guinea pig stays in there for a longer period of time and makes a mess, it will not be difficult to clean and maintain.

It is constructed of polyester material and has a padded floor with foam-free filling, allowing it to last for an extended period of time. Another advantage is that it is extremely simple to clean and long-lasting, which is yet another reason to choose it.

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7. Kaytee woodland house for guinea pigs

We’ve added yet another wonderful feature to our guinea pigs’ enclosure with this wooden hideout made by Kaytee. It not only adds a natural element, but it is also completely safe for guinea pigs to chew on. They are extremely hardy and long-lasting if you keep up with them on a regular basis and clean them thoroughly.

If you are considering purchasing one for your guinea pig, you should consider purchasing an XL size for a medium-sized guinea pig. A large size one is preferable if you have some small baby Guinea pigs, but choosing the larger size is a good choice regardless of the situation.

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8. AUOKER Bunny Chew Toys for guinea pigs

Guinea pig chew toys

Chew toys are an additional must-have for your guinea pigs’ entertainment. Guinea pigs require something to chew on on a regular basis. This could be hay, your furniture or other items, or it could be a chew toy. Chewing on a high-quality chew toy like this can significantly aid in the reduction of their constantly growing teeth’s surface area.

These natural grass cakes and apple sticks are an excellent product for our guinea pigs, and they are completely safe to use in their diet. It not only aids in the maintenance of good dental health in our guinea pigs. However, it is also important to provide roughage, which is beneficial for digestion and the maintenance of good digestive health in guinea pigs.

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9. EONMIR 2Pack Guinea pig Hammock

Guinea pig hammock

Guinea pigs will appreciate this hammock for taking a quick nap on the verandah. One of these will instantly win the affections of your guinea pig. Not only is it spacious, but it is also extremely comfortable for your guinea pigs.

They enjoy climbing on top of it, taking a quick nap on top of it, jumping off of it, and generally playing around with it. Seeing one of your guinea pigs climb up to the top of the cage and leap onto the other is a lot of fun to witness.

The hammock is made of a super soft fabric that is both extremely long-lasting and extremely strong in construction. It takes only a few minutes to clean up and it is ready to use again.

Get this awesome hammock for your guinea pigs today! Check it at amazon.

10. Metacrafter Guinea pig Hammock

Guinea pig toys

This Metacrafter guinea pig hammock is yet another excellent choice for your piggies. With a waterproof nylon fabric side for hot weather and a soft fleece side for cold weather, it is a fantastically cost-effective and versatile product.

Given its large size, it will take up a significant amount of space in your cage, so make sure your cage is large enough to accommodate this hammock. It is equally as useful as the other hammock in terms of adding comfort to your guinea pig’s enclosure.

The material from which it is made is extremely durable and easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for your guinea pigs.

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Hopefully, the information in this article has assisted you in selecting some excellent guinea pig toys for your companions. If you can, make sure to provide them with at least a few of those, as it will greatly assist in providing them with mental stimulation, which will allow them to live longer and happier lives.