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Guinea pigs have razor-sharp canines. Furthermore, they chew everything, regardless of whether they are willing to do so. The owner must be aware of the materials that guinea pigs can chew through. This allows for the implementation of preventative measures.Because the tough metal wire can withstand the chewing of guinea pig teeth, this material is ideal for use in guinea pig cages. However, your guinea pig will be able to chew through the majority of the other materials, such as vinyl, plastic, wood sticks, and canvas.If you use unsuitable materials to construct your guinea pig’s enclosure, they may be able to chew their way out.

You can also cause damage to your property by allowing your guinea pig to chew on household items when they become bored.

Consequently, in order to keep your property guinea pig-proof, you must prepare something for your guinea pig to chew on and bite on while you are away.


Why do guinea pigs chew on everything?

Chewing is essential for your guinea pig’s well-being. Additionally, they need to maintain their dental health so they can digest food easily. Guinea pigs have large teeth that continue to grow in size over time. If they stop chewing, their teeth will grow to an unmanageable size very quickly.

Guinea pigs chew their food to keep their teeth from growing too long. When they are eating, they grind both their top and bottom teeth together, which prevents their teeth from becoming excessively long and wide. A guinea pig’s ability to eat and chew can be hindered by excessively large teeth.

The presence of large teeth can result in a serious problem. Because going without food for more than a day will result in starvation. A guinea pig must consume food on a daily basis because, as a small-bodied animal, it is unable to conserve enough energy to survive.

With the exception of all of these factors, chewing is required for a guinea pig to survive. Chewing also assists guinea pigs in becoming calm when they are stressed or when they become nervous for whatever reason they are experiencing.

When guinea pigs are bored, they chew on their toys. That is very common in guinea pigs who have been kept in their cage for an extended period of time. Chewing is a way for them to pass the time while also attempting to attract the attention of humans.

Can guinea pigs chew on plastic?

Plastic is a favorite chewing material for your guinea pig because it is durable and vigorous for eating while also being light enough to play with. Some guinea pigs throw their plastic food bowls or litter trays to the ground and chew on the pieces that fall to the ground.

You need to make certain that the plastic material you are providing to your guinea pig is strong and long-lasting. The majority of the guinea pigs enjoys playing with the lightweight plastic materials that are available. They have the ability to spin it as well as chew through it.

Because bright colors attract buyers, the majority of today’s guinea pig products are made primarily of plastic and are painted in vibrant colors.

Sellers of these types of products ignore the need for animals while creating them. Some guinea pigs may also be allergic to plastic, which can be dangerous.

When purchasing plastic products for your guinea pig, you should make certain that you are purchasing a durable product that will withstand the teeth of your guinea pig.

Furthermore, it should be substantial in weight, as guinea pigs are capable of chewing through lightweight materials. It has the potential to be harmful to them.

Keep your guinea pig away from the plastic bags at all times. They enjoy playing with it because it is lightweight and makes a pleasing sound. They also enjoy the sound of plastic bags.

When your guinea pig is playing with a plastic bag, it can be extremely dangerous for him. They have the potential to become trapped in the bag, resulting in oxygen deprivation.

If you ever notice your guinea pig playing with a plastic bag, take it away from them immediately. They will not appreciate it, but it is necessary in order to save them.

Can guinea pigs chew on vinyl?

Vinyl is the most widely used building material in the twenty-first century. It is inexpensive and is used in many households for a variety of purposes. Vinyl flooring is the most common application for this material in the home. It is a tough material that your guinea pig will quietly enjoy chewing on.

Vinyl is preferred by guinea pigs because it is durable. If vinyl is installed in a precise manner, it will be difficult to lift and remove it once it has dried. A guinea pig will chew any portion of the food that comes out or that is not properly adhered together.

Vinyl is a durable and long-lasting material. Your guinea pig will chew it for a short period of time before spitting it out if it is not tasty enough to eat. However, this does not rule out the possibility that your guinea pig will enjoy eating it in the future.

The small pieces of vinyl can be consumed by your guinea pig. They can swallow them either by accident or on their own initiative. If the vinyl is too large to be digested, it can cause intestinal blockage and cause death.

In addition to swallowing the vinyl. Consider the materials you’ve used to ensure proper vinyl placement. Have you used any type of glue or staples in your project? These can be harmful to your guinea pig if they are licked or eaten. Bacteria can also be found on the surface of the material.

Vinyl can be used in a variety of ways due to the fact that it is available in a variety of forms. Some proprietors use them to cover their electrical wires with tubing, which they obtain from a supplier. A number of people keep them in their guinea pig cage.

Can guinea pigs chew on metal?

Guinea pig cages and playpens are constructed from metal wires to ensure that the animals remain in their designated areas.

Because guinea pigs are capable of jumping short distances of up to 20cm, high fences will be more effective.

It is possible that your guinea pig will continue to bite the cage bars. Despite the fact that they may not be able to cut through the same, they can certainly cause themselves harm.

Guinea pig cages are also built with the metal mesh as an integral part of the overall design.

Guinea pigs are kept in their cages by using this device, which also allows for air to pass through them.

In the event that you apply something substantial, such as the PVC sheets, it will prevent the air from circulating. This can also cause the smell of your guinea pig’s cage to become unbearable. In addition, it makes it more difficult to keep them cool during the summer.

The only issue with wire is that it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

In this enclosure, there’s some wire that your guinea pig can easily chew through. It’s possible for your Guinea pig to escape at any time if he or she finds it easy to chew through the wire that keeps them in their cage.

Chicken wire is one of the many different types of wire. Chicken wire is a thin wire that is used to construct a chicken cage.

Many guinea pig owners find it to be a useful addition to their cage. Some guinea pigs, however, may be able to chew through the same material.

Even if they succeed, they may suffer injury from the sharp edges. It is possible that their nails and paws will be injured. As a result, avoid using chicken wire to create a barrier around your guinea pig’s confinement.

Hardware cloth is a type of mesh wire that can be used to keep your guinea pig safe and secure as an alternative to wire cages. It can be used to build a guinea pig cage or hutch on your own using simple materials.

Can guinea pigs chew on cardboard?

Yes, guinea pigs can chew on cardboard with no problem at all. Just make sure there is no chemical over it.

Some guinea pigs tear and eat cardboard, which can harm their digestive system.

So, if your guinea pigs eat some small portion of it, then you should not offer it to your guinea pig, else it is okay if they only shred it into pieces.

Can guinea pigs chew on wood?

Guinea pigs usually chew tree bark and branches. It means that they can chew through wood. Ultimately, a guinea pig can chew through any wood.

An owner should make sure that their guinea pig doesn’t chew the finished wood. It contains a chemical that can be harmful to a guinea pig.

You can provide a piece of wood to your guinea pig if they are a determined chewer. That will prevent them from being bored and also will file their teeth.

But you have to make sure that the wood you are offering to your guinea pig should be safe for them. Some of them are

  • Hawthorn
  • Willow
  • Basswood
  • Maple
  • Pecan
  • Cottonwood
  • Birch

Except for Apple, Raspberry, blackberry, and pear. Don’t use any other fruit tree wood.

Don’t collect wood for your guinea pig from the mess, or the ground of local forestry.

It is filled with chemicals and other parasites. There is also a chance of containing bacteria from animal waste. It can be a month ago of wood fallen from a tree.

Chewing habit of a guinea pig is a behavior which is very difficult to change. Instead of changing this, you should make it a concern and take it as a factor of your pet-proofing measures.

Giving your guinea pig an alternative mode of entertainment will make them less likely to chew in an ill-suited manner. That will be beneficial for all parties.

Why does guinea pig chew on the cage?

There may be a problem with them. It is also possible that guinea pigs are trying to tell you something.

Some of the reason for chewing through a wire on their cage is:

  • They are bored: Your guinea pig can get bored lying enough time inside a cage. Maybe your guinea pig doesn’t have any toys for their entertainment. In such cases, they start chewing the wire of their cage for entertainment.
  • They are stressed: Your guinea pig may chew the wire for soothing themselves when they don’t get their meal on time, as it can make them nervous. Also, they start pulling out their fur in such cases.
  • They lack space: Lack of space can also be a factor for such behavior as guinea pigs overgrow. They need a bigger cage as per they grow bigger. If they don’t get a much bigger cage, they then will do anything to get themselves free from that cage.
  • Their teeth hurt: Guinea pig needs to chew in case their pearly whites cause pain. Chewing helps them to soothe themselves.
  • They want social time: Your guinea pig will always want to join you whenever they find you awake. They will think that they are missing something out.

Can I stop guinea pigs from chewing?

You can prevent your guinea pig from chewing on inappropriate items. Allow them to eat whatever they want whenever they want. Your guinea pig will gnaw through anything that is placed in their mouth, including your fingers.

This will have a devastating effect on some people. Your guinea pig is capable of chewing through a pair of shoes or through a book. In some instances, it can lead to a problematic situation.

In the event of a potential risk, such as the presence of electric wires, do not take any chances. Cover these chewing areas with something that your guinea pig will not be able to chew through. In this situation, split loom tubing will be extremely beneficial.

In some cases, a stubborn guinea pig will simply ignore you. Your guinea pig will do whatever they want when they want to do something.

They can also be aggressive because they believe you are provoking them by entering their territory, while others will become fearful, which can cause your bond with your guinea pig to be severed completely.

You can discourage guinea pigs from chewing by providing them with a fun activity to do. You can have some fun with them. It will also assist them in maintaining their fitness.

Allow them to dig and climb as much as they want. Your guinea pig will become distracted as a result, and they will become disinterested in chewing.

Additionally, you can use a spray in your guinea pig chewing target. In order to make the smell and taste of a chewing target unpleasant, spray it with an acrid fragrance. This method will not always be successful.

Some of the guinea pigs are brave enough to chew through their chewing targets, while others are not so brave. If you prefer to make the spray at home, you can purchase it from pet supply stores. Bitter scents should be used. These odors are repulsive to them and they avoid them.