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Travel arrangements are sometimes unavoidable. If you need to take a long trip or relocate permanently from one location to another, you must make arrangements for your guinea pigs as well. In the majority of circumstances, you’ll want to make sure you have them with you. Is this, however, a possibility? Is it possible for guinea pigs to go by plane? Let’s see what happens!In fact, we should only fly with guinea pigs on airlines that allow them to travel in the cabin. Some American and Canadian airlines, however, levy an additional fee ranging from 50$ to $250$ for this service. The guinea pig must be in her carrier, which should be maintained under the seat of the vehicle throughout the voyage. Guinea pigs are not fond of being in a new environment or hearing loud noises, but this is something that cannot be avoided while traveling by plane.For your guinea pigs, the surrounding environment will be noisy and terrifying. As a result, ensure that your guinea pig is well-prepared for the situation.In such case, if there is any way for you to leave your guinea pig at home, or with some friends who can look after them while you are away, that will be the greatest alternative if it is possible.

If there is no one else available to care for your pet, I would recommend that you use the services of Trusted pet sitters. They are fantastic, and they are also reasonably priced.

If this is not the case, you may need to find a way to transport them.

Let’s take a look at when you can leave your guinea pigs behind and when you should consider bringing them along with you.


What do you do with your guinea pig when you go on vacation?

If you are planning for a vacation or a trip outside your city, then there are only a few options with you. Let us look at the possibilities:

Duration Choices available
1-2 days You can stock enough supplies and leave your guinea pig at your home.
One week Either you can shift your guinea pig to a friend’s house or ask someone to come to your home and do the needful.
Ask nearby pet daycares or rescues for help to keep your guinea pigs in exchange for a small fee.
Long vacation or Relocating You can rehome your guinea pigs or leave them at a good rescue. (If impossible to take them)
-Hire a service like Trusted Pet Sitter.
You can ship them via Live Air Cargo
You can fly with your guinea pigs.

In the meanwhile, depending on your trip plans, these are some of the greatest options available to you at this time.

If you opt to leave them at home, you should read our in-depth article on the subject, which can be found below.

In addition, if you intend to bring them along with you, be sure to read the rest of this article to find out more about traveling with your guinea pigs.

Can you travel with a guinea pig?

In the meanwhile, depending on your travel plans, these are some of the best solutions that are now available to you.

If you decide to keep them at home, we recommend that you read our in-depth article on the matter, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Additionally, if you intend to travel with your guinea pigs, make sure to read the remainder of this post to learn more about traveling with guinea pigs.

What Airlines allow guinea pigs to fly?

The five major airlines that allow guinea pigs to fly are:

Remember that you will be subject to a surcharge that ranges from 50$ to $200 dollars, depending on the flight and your travel destinations.

Your guinea pigs will not be assigned a seat, and you will be responsible for transporting them in a travel carrier below your seat for the duration of the trip.

There are a couple of things you should be aware of ahead of time:

  • Guinea pigs and other small pets are not permitted on long-distance flights, only short ones. (In other words, less than 12 hours)
  • Guinea pigs are rodents, and hence are not permitted in all travel destinations or on all planes. Even if they allow dogs, cats, and even rabbits, it is possible that your guinea pigs will not be allowed. As a result, double-check ahead of time.
  • You must give them early notice when making your reservation in order to ensure that they have space for your guinea pig. (Most airlines only accept a certain number of pets on board.)
  • Pet carriers that go below the seat are required for your guinea pig to travel in the car. Depending on the flight, only one carrier is permitted per passenger.
  • Water, vegetables, and other food items, including hay, are not permitted to be transported in the carrier.
  • It does, however, depend on where you are going on your trip. (This is permitted when traveling within the country.)
  • Quarantine is required in most European nations for the duration of the pet’s stay there. While traveling, you should keep this in mind as best as possible.
  • Obtaining a veterinarian’s clearance before relocating will save your life in the vast majority of circumstances.
  • Also, keep in mind that some airlines may cancel your pet reservation at the last minute if there are unanticipated conditions such as heavy turbulence, a major storm, or other natural disaster.

Will my guinea pigs be safe on an airplane?

  • For many people, traveling can be a source of anxiety. Our guinea pigs experience significantly greater levels of fear than we do.
  • Large amounts of noise, as well as being carried for an extended period of time, are not enjoyable for guinea pigs. Consequently, by the time you get at the airport, they may be feeling a little worried out.
  • When your guinea pigs arrive at the airport, they may be exposed to a completely new environment, with unfamiliar people, sounds, and smells, all of which might make them feel anxious.
  • Aside from these, your guinea pigs may become worried out if you are traveling by plane.
  • Increased altitude and descent, changes in atmospheric pressure, changes in temperature, and other changes in environment can quickly overload the senses of your guinea pigs.
  • These conditions are significantly more severe in the cargo area, so avoid taking your guinea pigs on plane trips when you will have to keep them in the cargo hold.
  • Keep them in the cabin beside you, and you will be able to provide them with some comfort.
  • Flying with your guinea pigs is not going to be simple, but we must do everything we can to make the experience as comfortable as possible for them.
  • Here are a few pointers to make the travel a little less stressful:
  • Get a comfortable carrier for your guinea pigs. The carrier you choose must be airline approved(allowed in-plane), but at the same time, it must have enough space for your guinea pigs to turn and stand.
  • Get some fleece liners or Small Guineadad liners that will keep them comfortable, warm, and, at the same time, absorb all the pee to keep them dry and comfy. It also prevents smell in the cabin.
  • Fill your guinea pig’s carrier with some hay and vegetables to keep them distracted. A small chew toy would be a great distraction, as well. Please ensure that flying with hay and veggies is permitted by your airline and destination. Some destination restricts it.
  • I would suggest carrying a travel water bottle and syringe(for emergency) as well to provide water to your guinea pigs as you land and before flying. It shall help in keeping them hydrated.
  • If your guinea pigs get stressed out during the journey, try to keep them calm as much as possible.

Do guinea pigs need a pet passport?

No, Guinea pigs don’t allow pet passport to travel within the United States and Canada. However, some EU countries may demand one.

It is essential that you verify with the flying providers to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on the law.

In most situations, flying companies will now allow guinea pigs to travel vast distances without the requirement for a passport, although previously they would have required one. As a result, you may find yourself having to ship your guinea pigs in this situation.

It is critical that you take the time to become familiar with the legislation of the nation to which you are visiting.

The more effort you devote to learning the rules and regulations, the higher chance you have of avoiding unpleasant situations at the airport and on the plane.

How much does it cost to bring a guinea pig on a plane?

Most airlines across the United States and Canada have a fixed rate of 125$ per guinea pig.

The cost of travel may vary depending on the airline and the destination. It is necessary to pay for this fare each time; therefore, for a round journey, you can expect to pay on average roughly 250$ in total.

Some airlines will charge you an additional cost if you make a stopover. As a result, make certain that everything is in order before purchasing the ticket to avoid any last-minute headaches.

Apart from these direct expenses, there are some other expenses you need to keep in mind. I have made a complete table for you guys to understand things better:

Particulars Price($)
Airline cost (one way) 125$
Per Carrier 30$
Vet Certificate 100$
Fleece liner for carrier 25$
Travel water bottle(optional) 30$
Total 310$

In addition to the costs listed above, if you intend to travel with your guinea pigs, you will incur a slew of additional charges.

However, if you have a young pair of guinea pigs, you may be able to squeeze them into a single pet carrier and save money; otherwise, all of these expenses will be incurred per guinea pig.

In addition, even if you are transporting them in a single carrier, you will be required to pay the fee for both of them.

Here is a list of certified guinea pig veterinarians located around the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Best Airline-Approved Guinea Pigs Carriers

When traveling with your guinea pigs, it is absolutely necessary to have pet carriers.

You’ll need a carrier that is acceptable for your guinea pigs while also being permitted for use in accordance with airline standards.

As a result, I decided to go out and find some of the better ones for you. Here are a few possibilities from which you can choose:

My guinea pig is an emotional support for me

Emotional support animals are not subject to the restrictions imposed by airlines. Regardless of its policy, an airline is legally required to allow a passenger to travel with an emotional support animal without placing any restrictions on the animal’s activities.

It will be possible for such test subjects to travel with the passenger in a carrier at no additional cost. There are several responsibilities, though, that you must remember to fulfill.

  • Your guinea pigs won’t be allow to run free in the flight.
  • Taking care of your guinea pig is your responsibility.
  • Also, you need to respect potential allergies of your co-passengers.

Even if your guinea pig serves as emotional support for you, you cannot simply show up at the airport with your guinea pigs and claim that they are serving as emotional support on your behalf.

In order to make feasible arrangements with the airline, you must notify them in advance. In addition, you will require a letter from a mental health practitioner who is legally licensed. This letter must include the following information:

  • Be less than an year old
  • It must be printed on official letterhead paper.
  • Must state that you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder recognized by the American Psychiatric Association.
  • Confirm that you are currently under treatment for the same.
  • Most importantly, confirm that presence of your guinea pig is essential for your mental and emotional well being.

The Federal Register looks at some of the questions that you can be asked. If you are asked if your guinea pig is a pet, then you must answer, “No, they are service animals.”

If you answer Yes, that means your guinea pig is a usual pet. Thus, reasonable restrictions will apply to them.

They may ask you further questions to confirm the status.

However, if you have an official letter and all other documents in place, you shall experience no trouble traveling with the pet.

Do guinea pigs need vaccination for flying?

No, your guinea pigs do not need any sort of vaccination before traveling in the United States.

In the United States, there is currently no licensed guinea pig vaccine available. If you go internationally, the laws may differ from those in your home country.

When traveling with a guinea pig, European countries and Australia have severe rules and laws in place to protect the animal.

If you intend to travel to any of these nations via air, you should familiarize yourself with the legislation of the countries in question.

You will also need to make sure that you obtain a veterinarian’s declaration letter before you go.

Will my guinea pigs be kept under quarantine upon landing?

Depending on where you bring your guinea pigs, this may or may not be necessary. If you are traveling within the United States or Canada, the regulations governing pets such as guinea pigs are less stringent than they are in other countries.

If, on the other hand, you are planning to go to Europe or even the United Kingdom, you may be required to hand over your guinea pigs for a period of quarantine at the airport.

Please familiarize yourself with the quarantine regulations of the country to which you are traveling. Further information on this subject may be obtained by contacting the airport authority or airline representatives.

Some destinations will require you to stay in quarantine for a day or two. You will also be responsible for the costs of the medical tests that will be performed to guarantee that your guinea pigs are free of disease and in good health.

When traveling with a guinea pig, there are several additional considerations that must be taken into consideration.

These procedures can be more stressful for your guinea pigs than the actual travel itself, which can make them more anxious overall. As a result, keep this in mind when you’re traveling with them.

Is shipping guinea pigs by air safe?

If you wish to export your guinea pigs by freight, proceed with caution. There are certain risks involved. Guinea pigs are little animals that may be transported on short-haul flights without causing too much difficulty.

If, on the other hand, you need to ship them across the ocean, a shipping facility may be required. Choose a Live Cargo Facility because these facilities provide a more comfortable atmosphere for your pets while they are traveling.

However, you must keep in mind that cargo workers are not qualified to manage all types of dogs, including service animals. As a result, your guinea pigs may have some difficulties during their travel.

Make sure your guinea pigs have enough food and water to last the duration of the experiment.

Try to keep them calm and offer them with some hiding places because they will be scared throughout the journey. The worst case scenario is if they are confined with other large animals in close proximity.

When you ship guinea pigs by air freight, the airlines will almost never accept responsibility for their mistreatment.

As explained by Other Consumers, statistics are frequently manipulated. A guinea pig that has been released from an airplane cargo hold is considered safe.

If customers later develop health problems as a result of their travel, the airlines will not be held accountable.

You should try to avoid sending your guinea pigs if at all possible. Even if they make it safely to their destination, they will be under a great deal of mental stress during the voyage. As a result, unless it is absolutely necessary, it is best to avoid it.

Flying with a pair of guinea pigs

It is preferable to travel with a pair of guinea pigs rather than a single one when traveling with them. A company’s ability to lessen stress by 50% or more while traveling is invaluable.

You must, however, ensure that they are a bonded pair, or else the scenario may become untenable later on. You will, however, need to consider the financial implications of your decision. The airlines would charge an additional 125 dollars for each additional guinea pig.

If there are any additional expenses during the landing process (such as quarantine or a medical checkup), those costs will be doubled.

The weight of the per carrier will also need to be considered while making your decision. Will the pet carrier be able to accommodate two guinea pigs that weigh less than 20 lbs? Is there enough hay or other food products to fill the carrier’s capacity?

Aside from the financial and economic ramifications, you should be aware that you will not be able to mediate any conflicts that arise between your guinea pigs during the travel.

As a result, be certain that they are well-bonded. Flying with your guinea pigs will be a difficult experience for both you and your pets.

As a result, ensure that you are both emotionally and cognitively prepared for the situation.

If you are planning a trip, you may take advantage of this fantastic service from Trusted home sitting, which will care after your pet while you are gone.

When you are unable to leave your guinea pigs behind, traveling with them is the only alternative available to you at the time.

Take some time to consider the procedure and make certain that everything is done to keep your guinea pigs calm throughout the travel.