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If you have ever heard your guinea pigs scream for whatever reason, you are probably already aware of how distressing it can be. What I’m talking about is a strange kind of noise that is difficult to describe, but I believe you understand what I’m talking about. However, why do guinea pigs make such a racket? Are they in any discomfort? Do guinea pigs have the ability to cry?Screaming and making loud sounds is normal behavior for Guinea pigs when they are in pain or when they are hungry or scared. Guinea pigs make crying sounds, but they do not shed tears when they are upset. If your guinea pigs’ eyes are wet or teary, it is likely that they are suffering from one of several medical conditions, such as allergies, dental problems, or an infection.Guinea pigs scream for a variety of reasons in addition to being hungry. Occasionally, when you are passing by, one or more of your guinea pigs may scream to attract your attention.

That does not necessarily imply that they are crying. Because of this, it is critical to pay attention to their body language in addition to the sound in order to understand what they are trying to convey.

A common mistake we make as humans is to compare our own emotions to those of our guinea pigs. This is one of the most common mistakes we make.

While this may be partially correct when it comes to other pets such as dogs, it is not correct when it comes to guinea pigs. When we humans cry, it is usually because we are experiencing strong emotions such as sadness, joy, or anger.

Guinea pigs, on the other hand, typically squeal in response to physiological emergencies such as hunger, pain, fear, and so on.

I don’t want to imply that guinea pigs are incapable of experiencing emotions such as sadness, loneliness, and so on, but I do want you to understand that crying in guinea pigs indicates that they are in desperate need of something.

Other behaviors such as pulling out their fur (anxiety), biting the cage bars (boredom), and chasing their cagemates are examples of how they express their emotions (dominance).


Why does a guinea pig cry?

Guinea pigs cry for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common ones are:

Hunger Guinea pigs cry when they are hungry or there is something missing out of their regular diet.
Pain Guinea pigs cry out loud when they are in pain. For example:-Bladder stone in guinea pigs can cause unbearable pain.
Fear or Stress Being a prey animal, guinea pigs might cry out for help when they are stressed out or frightened by some object or being. For Example:- A coyote in your backyard trying to reach your guinea pig’s hutch.
Health problems Some health issues can also make you feel that your guinea pig is crying tears while it might not be true. For example:- bedding allergies can lead to watery eyes.

Can guinea pigs cry tears?

No, guinea pigs do not cry tears unless and until they are suffering from a medical condition that causes them to do so, which is rare.

In fact, guinea pigs have tear ducts, which help them to keep their eyes moist (because they don’t blink very often) and to drain away any excess tears that accumulate.

Piggies use the white discharge produced by these ducts to groom themselves and to clean their intestines.

However, there is no evidence to suggest that guinea pigs cry or shed tears when they want to express certain emotions such as sadness or loneliness.

The eyes of a healthy guinea pig should be bright and glossy. If your guinea pig’s eyes are wet, as well as the fur beneath them, it is likely that they are suffering from a medical condition rather than an emotional one.

In most cases, a damp or watery eye indicates that the guinea pig has a condition known as ‘weepy eyes.’

What does a guinea pig cry sound like?

Guinea pigs are highly vocal animals who make a diverse range of sounds, including squeaking. Trying to figure out what different sounds mean without being able to correlate them to their behavior can be difficult.

The sounds of guinea pigs whining or grunting are considered to be crying by some guinea pig owners, while others consider the sound of a sharp pitch screech to be crying.

However, in order to determine whether guinea pigs are grunting to demonstrate dominance or if they are calling for our assistance, we must observe their behavior at the time of the grunt.

If your guinea pigs appear sick, in pain, or anxious, it is possible that they are requesting your assistance. A guinea pig fight, on the other hand, indicates that the animals are attempting to outdo one another in terms of dominance.

What does it mean when guinea pigs cry?

Guinea pigs will cry out for various reasons. The most common reasons are hunger and fear.

You can prevent the same by providing them with an adequate diet and getting rid of the stress element from their living space.

However, it can be concerning if your guinea pig is crying out for an extended period. You should investigate the issue and look out for the possible cause.

If you are unsure about it or you feel they have some sort of health problem, then it is best to consult a vet immediately.

Apart from those today, we shall discuss some common issues that make guinea pig cry out loud.

Do guinea pigs cry when hungry?

Guinea pigs do cry out when they are hungry. A guinea pig needs a pile of hay and a cup of fresh vegetables daily.

As guinea pigs have a faster metabolism than other pets, they need a constant supply of hay and vegetables to keep them full.

Thus, if you are not providing your guinea pigs with an adequate diet, then they may cry or screech out of hunger.

You can check this out by looking at their tummy. If your guinea pig’s belly is caved in and they are screeching out, then that means they are hungry. Apart from that, guinea pigs may also cry out of thirst.

Sometimes, the bottle nozzles get blocked that their owners may not notice, thus leading them to dehydration.

A regular check of their water bottles is also crucial for the same.

I would also recommend checking out our book on ” Guinea pigs diet for beginners” to better understand your guinea pig’s dietary needs.

You can check out the size-o-meter chart for reference to understand if your guinea pigs are malnourished.

Do guinea pigs cry for attention?

Yes, sometimes, your guinea pigs might cry for your attention as well. This usually happens when they see you around, or it’s their veggie time, and they know you are about to serve them veggies.

They will start making “Wheek Wheek Wheek” noises to grab your attention. All they want from you is their cup of fresh vegetables or their favorite treat.

Make sure you get them what they need, and they will stop making those loud noises.

Do guinea pigs cry at night?

Yes, some guinea pig owners compliant that their guinea pigs are noisy at night.

This usually happens when they are hungry. You can also refer to our article on the same.

Sometimes your guinea pig may even cry out of fear. There may be something around your guinea pig that has frightened them.

Do guinea pigs cry when separated?

When guinea pigs are separated from their mothers, they do cry out. Guinea pigs are highly social animals who feel most secure and content when they are in groups of their own.

Occasionally, they will fight amongst themselves in order to establish dominance in the cage, but if you separate them, they will scream and writhe in pain.

After being separated for the first few weeks, according to a study carried out on young guinea pigs, the animals cry out loudly for the next few weeks before moving on and ceasing to cry by 12 weeks.

When your Guinea Pigs are fighting aggressively, you may need to separate them for a short period of time, during which you will notice their aggressive behavior more prominently.

When a cage partner passes away, a similar pattern of behavior is observed. However, after a period of time, they become accustomed to it and everything returns to normal within a 12-week period of time.

When guinea pigs are left alone for long periods of time, they can become lonely. It is preferable to pair your guinea pig with another animal or to keep them in a group, especially if you are unable to provide them with enough floor time.

The following are some signs of lonely guinea pigs:

  • Lethargy
  • Sleeping for the majority of the day
  • Grabbing the cage bar with one’s teeth
  • Trying to avoid being picked up
  • Appetite sluggishness
  • Fur pulling is a popular pastime.

Why does my guinea pig cry when i pet him?

Your guinea pigs might whistle when they are excited to play with you and when you pet them.

However, sometimes guinea pigs might also screech or squeal in pain when you touch them. You need to look out for their behavior to understand the cause.

If your guinea pig is happy, excited, and is making a whistling noise when you pet them, then it means they enjoy your company, and you can keep doing what you have been doing so far.

However, Sometimes your guinea pigs might be suffering from scurvy, arthritis or other health conditions that lead to joint and body pain in guinea pigs.

When you touch them, then that alleviates their pain, and they make a squealing or screeching noise.

If you notice such behavior in your guinea pigs, you must take them to a vet immediately.

You can check out our exhaustive vet list to find a reputed guinea pig vet in your area.

Why do guinea pig cries when peeing?

If you notice that your guinea pig is squealing or grunting when passing out urine, that means they are in pain.

This pain could be because of some severe health issues like Urinary Tract Infection, GI stasis, or Bladder stones.

You might need to look out for some other symptoms like:

  • Teeth chattering/ grinding while peeing
  • Sick appearance
  • Loss of appetite
  • Taking longer time to eat
  • Hunched appearance
  • Milky white/Blood color urine

If your guinea pig is making those noises and showing some of these symptoms then you must make a visit to a vet immediately.

Do guinea pigs cry when they die?

It’s true that guinea pigs have been known to make a lot of noise before passing away. Although this is a common occurrence in many situations, some sick guinea pigs may pass away without being noticed.

Those who die suddenly from medical conditions such as heart attack, seizures, or heat stroke, on the other hand, may make a loud noise just before passing away from their illness.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence to support this claim, it is based on an occurrence that has occurred in the community.

Why do guinea pigs cry white?

Guinea pigs don’t cry white, but their tear glands to secrete a white thick greasy substance that they use to groom themselves.

It is more like a wax which they use to cover their fur to stay clean and tidy. Guinea pigs don’t shed tears, but they do have moist and shiny eyes at all times.

It looks like my guinea pig is crying

Guinea pigs do not produce tears like some other pets and human beings.

If you notice that the skin below their eyes is wet at all times or they have gunk coming out all the time, then it inevitably means your guinea pigs have medical conditions like weepy eyes.

Weepy eye in guinea pig

The weepy eye is a common problem in guinea pigs. There are a lot of factors that can lead to watery eyes.

Some of the most common causes of watery eyes in guinea pigs are:

Hay Poke If you notice any discharge from the eye, then gently wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in either saline solution or warm water. You must take them to a vet immediately as serious hay poke can lead to ulcer and eye infection as well.
Dental Issues Overgrown teeth can build a pressure leading to the eyes of your guinea pigs that can lead to watery eyes. Sometimes overgrown teeth also cause immense pain. Thus, getting the teeth trimmed quickly is recommended.
Blocked tear duct Use a damp cloth or an earbud to clean the eye. Gently massage just it under the eye, close to the nose for a few days to get it cleared.
Urinary Tract Infection Urinary tract infection can also lead to discharge from the eyes in some cases. You need to get your guinea pigs under medication ASAP for quicker recovery.
Allergies Some guinea pigs might be allergic to some aspects like a particular type of hay or bedding or other food items. This can also lead to watery eyes. Look out for elements around the cage and get rid of it immediately to relieve the allergy.

What to do if your guinea pig is crying?

You should never ignore the cries of a guinea pig. If your guinea pig is crying, it is likely that they are experiencing a physiological emergency.

As a result, they may require your assistance. You must take your guinea pig to the veterinarian to determine what is wrong with it.

It’s possible that they’ve run out of food or water supplies.

Perhaps there is something in or around their cage that is causing them stress, or perhaps they are simply looking for your attention.

In any case, you must be present with your guinea pig to ensure that they are understood and that they have everything they require.