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Guinea pigs are clean animals that do not require extensive exercise and can be kept in a cage without becoming ill. As a result, it appears that guinea pigs can be left alone for extended periods of time. Is this, however, correct? Do guinea pigs require constant attention, or can they be left alone for extended periods of time?Guinea pigs are highly social animals who enjoy being with other people. If a guinea pig is left alone for an extended period of time, they will become lonely and depressed. It implies that you will be required to meet their requirements for attention and stimulation.Additionally, everything that is pre-organized makes your activity run more smoothly, and the same is true for guinea pigs in the lab. Once a pre-planned plan is put in place for various activities that will benefit them, they will look forward to that specific time each and every day when they will be acknowledged and cherished.


Do guinea pigs seek attention?

The fact that guinea pigs are naturally shy means that they are less likely to attract attention from their peers. It is determined by the breed and personality of the guinea pig in question. Guinea pigs, on the other hand, despise being left alone and unappreciated.

Guinea pigs are one of the most popular small pets in the world, having been domesticated for thousands of years. In order to gain their approval, you must first put them in the best possible environment.

A lone guinea pig is a sight that is rare to see. The reason for this is that these guinea pigs live in relatively large groups and are constantly on the lookout for new friends. In fact, it is illegal in Switzerland to keep even a single guinea pig for personal reasons.

If your guinea pigs are left alone for an extended period of time, they will experience boredom and loneliness, and they will become depressed.

This can lead to a state of distress and uneasiness in the guinea pigs, which can result in their being in poor health. If your pet does not have a companion, you will have to rely on others to provide care and attention for them.

Your relationship with your guinea pigs will continue to improve as a result of this. If you pay attention to your guinea pigs, they will begin to believe in your abilities.

Guinea pigs will be more obedient to training as a result, and they will also be more environmentally friendly. In addition, they will be more affectionate and cuddly.

Do guinea pigs need a lot of attention?

Guinea pigs despise being alone and become less interested in being friendly as a result of this disinterest.

That means that if you keep a guinea pig on his or her own, this pet will require more attention.

If you have a guinea pig that is particularly commanding, then this pet will be more confident in this situation as a result.

Always keep two bonded guinea pigs together if it is at all possible. It is more expensive, and it takes a great deal of time and patience to successfully bond a pair.

Both guinea pigs, on the other hand, will be content. You will save a significant amount of time when it comes to providing entertainment for guinea pigs.

It makes no difference how many guinea pigs you have as long as you remember two things. Any attention is better than no attention at all.

Never underestimate the significance of keeping a schedule for guinea pigs.

The knowledge that they will receive comfort, guidance, play, or entertainment will help your pets to become more calm and relaxed.

Make an attempt to establish a schedule. Your guinea pigs will come to understand that they will be able to meet their needs in this manner.

Understanding when they demand the most attention

Imagine a typical day in the life of a guinea pig. That will provide you an idea of how much time your pet will need from you.

Sunrise: Nearly all guinea pigs wake up at sunrise. Then your guinea pigs will entertain themselves for an hour or more. Make sure that your guinea pigs must have fresh food and toys in their cage. That will make them cheerful until you wake up.

Early in the morning: When you wake up, you should go around to your guinea pigs and wish them a good morning. They will hope for this, and it’s an excellent manner to uplift your bond. Offer some cuddle and grooming.

Morning time: Shortly, your guinea pigs will come to the highest point of their energy. Guinea pigs become active around mid-mornings. It would be best if you let them exercise at this duration. They will likely want you to do the same and play with them.

Late morning/afternoon: Your guinea pigs will feel tired in a few hours after doing crazy activities. They might sit and fall asleep on the spot. You can let them alone for a few hours so they can rest and maybe take a nap.

Late afternoon to early evenings: When your pets get awake from their light sleep, they will restore their energy. Guinea pigs will wish to spend the evening with you and your family. Be ready to keep them entertained all the time.

Nighttime: Guinea pigs would like to remain awake late after you, and they might squeak for food. You can serve them some veggies so that they have a small meal before bed. This will likely keep them calm and less noisy while you sleep.

Do guinea pigs squeak for attention?

Guinea pigs cry for a variety of reasons, one of which is to be heard. Asking for attention is one of the reasons they cry.

Some guinea pigs scream in order to warn their companions that they are in danger. The sharp sound they make can indicate that they are in a bad mood or are angry, which indicates that they are displeased with something you have done.

Guinea pigs may cry out for attention if you are unable to meet their needs. This will only occur if you are unable to meet their needs. In other words, your guinea pigs are attempting to communicate with you in some way.

If they hear something, they want you to find out what it is.

It would be best if you didn’t ignore the constant squeaking of the tires. If your guinea pigs are constantly making noise in an attempt to attract your attention, there is a good reason for this.

It indicates that they are afraid and that they are certain that they will be in danger if they do not stop.

How else do guinea pigs ask for attention?

Guinea pigs a lot of methods for seeking attention. These are as follows:

  • Biting at the cage: Your guinea pigs are bored and want to jump out of their cage. So, do not let your guinea pigs eat the wire of the cage.
  • Circling: If your guinea pigs seem to run around your feet, they want to play. You will get to see this mostly in the mornings. Some guinea pigs will keep rolling around you while you walk downstairs.
  • Begging: Guinea pigs are not stupid. They know clearly how cute they are, and they use this as their benefit. A begging guinea pig always gets loved on demand.
  • Nudging: Your guinea pigs will poke you with their nose to tell you that they need your attention.
  • Nipping: If you do not respond to nudging, your guinea pig may start biting with her teeth. They will think that you missed the hint of poking.
  • Destructive behavior: If your guinea pigs feel unvalued and ignored. They will start up with their mind games like chewing something inappropriate or punch on glass with the intention that you will react.

Keeping guinea pigs happy and satisfied can be a delicate balance of different actions. If you show attentiveness to their demand, they will remain satisfied, but the moment you ignore them, they might seem sad.

My guinea pigs demands a lot of attention

Do you put your work aside and give them your full attention when they ask for your help? They consider your attention to be a form of compensation. Their desire to change their attitudes and behaviors will decrease as their value in your eyes increases.

If you show back to your guinea pigs while completely ignoring them, that will be considered unfair.

First and foremost, they will be perplexed and depressed. A guinea pig who is unhappy will have difficulty surviving, so exercise caution.

If your guinea pig is upset with you, they may exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Running away from you.
  • Hiding in their hideout and not coming out.
  • Staring at you with pointed ears.
  • If they are showing you their back with ears down and eyes closed, it explains that you might see your guinea pigs upset and sad for an extended period.

If you notice this type of behavior in someone, you should begin calming them as soon as possible. Guinea pigs are excellent at expressing their rage. So put your ego aside and rekindle your friendship with them. This could be resolved with a small treat and some cuddling.

However, this does not address the issue of attracting attention. This includes educating your guinea pigs on the concepts of familiarity and establishment.

Make sure your guinea pigs are comfortable with the ‘wait’ command. If they are patient, they should be rewarded for their efforts. Do not keep it open for an excessive amount of time, just long enough to teach your pets patience.

Your guinea pigs will learn how to get attention when you are available to give it to them. It will take some time, but you will eventually come to terms with each other. The relationship between you and your pets will become more fluid.

How to give a guinea pig attention

If you can figure out how to meet your guinea pig’s attention requirements, your life will become much more comfortable.

Your pet will have more faith in you if they know that you will respond when necessary. Because of this, they will become more relaxed, and the lives of your Guinea pigs will become less stressful.

Understand your pet’s physical and verbal signs, as well as the meanings behind them. It is possible that your guinea pigs will demand attention solely for the purpose of garnering attention. In a variety of situations, they may be informing you of something that you must do.

If your response is correct, your guinea pig will put his or her trust in you. That can never be proven to be incorrect. It will take some time and effort to gain the trust of your guinea pigs, as we are considerably larger in stature.

By nature, your pets are terrified of you until and unless you prove to them that you are trustworthy and harmless.

Giving them attention

When it is the matter of offering attention to your guinea pigs, these are some of the best ways:

Grooming: It is the easiest way to bond with your guinea pigs quickly; you may see that your pet relies upon grooming by nudging your hand. It also gets your pets satisfied.

Petting: Gentle dab on cheeks, forehead, nose, and back will keep them calm and silent. Do not get shocked when your guinea pigs demand it more.

Playtime: Find out how your guinea pigs want to play and put it into the schedule. Devote a single time playing with your pet. Your guinea pigs will love you for this.

Teaching tricks: Some guinea pigs love to learn new skills. If you put your guinea pigs in learning new commands, they will enjoy the fun. They will use them to show off and seek more attention

Treats: Guinea pigs are naughty beggars, and if they eat more than their hunger, offer them some raisins in this situation, they will get distracted from overeating for a while.

Guinea pigs demand attention. Naturally, this is not a reason for misbehaving, and they are not purposely doing it. The idea is guinea pigs crave for your consideration.

We cannot tell enough how suitable it is to keep a pair of guinea pigs in a cage. You will get so much free time because of this. If not, then you must take care of them on your own.

5 Fun Games To Play With Your Guinea pigs

Check out the five entertaining games to play with your guinea pigs to have fun.

Hide and seek:

Guinea pigs are naturally impatient creatures; they spend time inquiring about the toys and treats in their lives.

It is their curiosity that will turn the hide and seek game into fun. More importantly, it is to make your bond great with your guinea piggies.

Play ball:

Make a paper ball and bat it in front of your guinea pigs. This small game can be fun as they will push the ball, roll around the ball, and again want you to bat the ball.


Your guinea pigs might take time in understanding the game, but once they get the game, you both will entertain one another.

Use an old clean sock and fill it with some dry grass, tie a tight knot, so the stuffing doesn’t fall.

They will get attracted to the smell of the dry grass, and they will be nibbling at the area of stuffed grass.

Encourage them to pick the ball when once you give a tug. They will keep dragging the socks around them.

Racing pig:

If your guinea pigs come in one call, you will both enjoy this game. Line up rows of low and some items that won’t hurt your pets.

Put your pets at one end, and you stand at another end, and call them. As you are holding them, show them you’re putting a treat in the place, they will get excited.

Food challenge:

It is a famous game to energize pets physically and mentally.

For this game, you will require some healthy treats and a container that is safe for your pet.

We suggest you a paper towel tube fold one of the tubes, then put some treat in it, so the food gets stuck by one closed side, then keep the tube flat and let you guinea pig struggle how to eat the yummy food.