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Guinea pigs are one of the most popular and well-kept pets in the world, second only to mainstream pets such as dogs and cats. When it comes to guinea pigs, if you are considering getting one for yourself or if you already have one and want to provide them with larger cages so that they can have more space and live happily, you have come to the right place.Caged animals, such as guinea pigs, spend the vast majority of their time in their cages.Because of this, providing them with a reasonably large cage with plenty of space to play, eat, and sleep is essential.Unfortunately, the majority of the pens we find in pet stores are too small for guinea pigs to live comfortably in.Many people do not have an accurate understanding of cage size, and as a result, they choose a small cage because the young guinea pigs are so small.

Although they may appear small at first, Guinea pigs can grow significantly and very quickly, and you will soon notice that your cage is running out of room to accommodate them.

Most parents are also smitten with them to the point where they will quickly multiply to the point where they have 6 or even more guinea pigs from a single pair.

As a result, purchasing the massive cage will undoubtedly provide us with additional space if we decide to add more of them in the future.

In order to save time, let’s take a look at the best giant cage options for our guinea pigs that are currently available on the market.

We will also learn about their key characteristics and other information as we progress through the course.


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Exceptionally Large Guinea Pig Cages: My Top Pick!

In case you’re looking for a quick reference guide to large guinea pig cages, look no further:

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What is the smallest cage size that our guinea pigs can live in, what types of cages are available, and which would be the best choices for our guinea pigs, and why?

Then I would ask you to please read this article through to the end so that you can provide your guinea pigs with a healthy and comfortable living environment.

What should you look for when purchasing a guinea pig cage?

There are a variety of guinea pig cages available on the market, but when selecting one for your guinea pigs, you should take a few factors into consideration.

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the most important considerations to make when purchasing an enclosure for your guinea pigs:


As we previously discussed, when selecting a cage for your guinea pigs, the size of the cage is one of the most important considerations to consider.

Given that they are a caged animal, they will spend the majority of their lives in their enclosure, so providing them with sufficient living space is absolutely essential.

We must ensure that we have at least 7.5 square feet of space for a pair of piggies, and we can add an additional 3 square feet for every additional guinea pig that we acquire after that point.

Providing them with this type of space will aid in their proper development and allowing them to live a long and healthy life.

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Bar Spacing

We must also consider the spacing between the bars of the cage that we choose for our guinea pigs.

You definitely don’t want your guinea pig to get a cut on their mouth or nose while trying to squeeze through the bars or bite the bars.

A cage with maximum bar spacing of 1.5 inches (3.6 cm) is ideal for our guinea pigs, and we recommend getting one with this spacing.

Almost anything above that level can be potentially dangerous to our guinea pig test subjects.

Build Quality and Durability

Guinea pigs have a strong desire to chew on things. As a result, selecting a durable cage with a high-quality finish is critical.

If possible, avoid using weak materials in the construction of your guinea pig cage, as these will allow the animals to chew through them.

The materials used to construct guinea pig cages are typically wood, metal, plastic, and fiber, or a combination of these materials.

You must absolutely make certain that whatever you purchase for your guinea pig is long-lasting and sturdy.

Trying to save a few dollars up front can end up costing you a lot more money in the long run. As a result, it is prudent to exercise caution.

Ease of Cleaning

The ease with which a cage can be cleaned is another important consideration when purchasing one. Guinea pigs are messy animals, and you must clean their cage on a daily basis, as well as perform a thorough cleanup once a week.

In other words, if you purchase an enclosure that is difficult to clean, or one that has small doors or access points that make cleaning an unpleasant task, you may run into problems down the road.

Always opt for a cage that is simple to clean on a spot basis. Your life will undoubtedly become more comfortable as a result of this decision.


It goes without saying that if you are someone who is constantly on the move, whether it is for work or for any other reason, you should be extremely cautious when picking out a guinea pig enclosure.

There’s no way you want to end up with something that will cost you a fortune to move from one location to another.

Getting a medium-sized cage or a CC cage is preferable because they can be disassembled into smaller pieces and moved from one location to another with relative ease.

If you’re looking for a travel container, there are a variety of options to choose from.

The cage’s location (whether it’s indoors or out)

In addition to the cage’s location, another important consideration when purchasing an enclosure is how it will be used.

Choosing a cage for your guinea pigs that can be kept indoors is simple. A large size cage or a CC cage will do the trick, but if you intend to keep them outside, you will need a well-insulated enclosure or a hutch to ensure that they have a comfortable and happy existence.

Because there are so many predators who can hunt down guinea pigs, you will also need to make sure that your cage is strong enough to keep them safe from predators.

Top-Rated Guinea Pig Supplies: Our Top Picks! Recommended Guinea Pig Supplies: Our Top Picks!

Before you read on, here are some supplies for your guinea pigs that have been hand-picked by our experts and that you should add to your wishlist right away:

Top Picks for the Best Guinea Pig Cages for 2 or More Guinea Pigs!

Habitat for Guinea Pigs in the Midwest

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Midwest Guinea pig cage is considered to be one of the best cages for beginning pig keepers. The reason that everyone recommends this cage is because of its adaptability and versatility.

The enclosure is designed in a modular manner, which means that you can easily add another pen and connect them together with a ramp to instantly double the available space in the enclosure.

The cage is made of wired mesh with precisely spaced bars to keep the animals safe.

The pen’s size is also ideal for a pair of guinea pigs, which makes it an excellent choice for a first-time owner.

This layer is made of a canvas-like material that is both waterproof and scratch-resistant. The top layer is made of leather.

A small wall on the inside of the cage divides the cage into two sections: a larger section and a smaller section.

It is this wall that divides the eating area from the play area. The cage has a movable wire mesh at the top that can be opened to place food, clean the cage, and perform other tasks as needed.

Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage by MidWest w/ Top Panel, 47L x 24W x 14H Inches

Key features

  • The ideal cage size for a pair of guinea pigs is a square foot (8 sq feet).
  • Design that is modular and can be expanded according to need and available space.
  • A durable and precise finish that results in a high-quality finished product is achieved.
  • The cage is secured by the use of locking doors and a top section.

Check out this fantastic cage, which most guinea pig parents adore at an affordable price only at Amazon.

You can also get an extra canvas for the bottom of your midwest cage. Check out to buy one.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

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If you want to spend a little more money on build quality while still getting all of the essential features for a guinea pig cage that is large enough to accommodate two of them, the living world deluxe habitat is the one you should choose from.


The cage you are looking to purchase here is one that is extra large in size because it is one of the best and largest pet store type cages you can get for your guinea pigs, and it is also one of the most affordable.

Even though it is quite large, the cage is constructed of metal and plastic components, making it chew resistant and long-lasting despite its size.

My favorite feature of this cage is the ability to detach the bottom plastic portion of the cage, which makes cleaning a breeze. I also liked that it was easy to clean.

Living World Deluxe Habitat, Large

The design is collapsible, which makes it easier to transport when necessary, and this is the second most advantageous feature.

The most important characteristics:

  • It has enough room for two guinea pigs to live comfortably.
  • All of the necessary guinea pig feeding equipment is included in the purchase price of this item. container (bottle, food bowl)
  • A raised platform that can be used as a sleeping loft for guinea pigs can be constructed.
  • It has two domed-shaped roofs that can be opened and closed according to the requirements.
  • The construction is of high quality.

Check out this fantastic premium build cage for a pair of guinea pigs only at Amazon.

Kaytee Giant Guinea Pig Habitat

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The Kaytee giant guinea pig habitat is also a fantastic cage for a pair of guinea pigs to live in.

In terms of size, the pen is reasonably large, measuring approximately 8 square feet. Additionally, the cage includes two shelves as well as rams and food dishes, which is a nice bonus.

The cage has two doors, one at the front and the other at the top, which allows it to be accessed from every direction.

Additionally, the enclosure is equipped with chew-proof latches and locks, making it extremely secure.

The only drawback I’ve noticed with this cage is the amount of time it takes to clean the bottom section.

Kaytee My First Home Giant Pet Habitat, 48" x 24" x 16.5"

It becomes a little difficult to clean the area below the shelves if you don’t remove all of the shelves first. Aside from that, the pen is extremely well-constructed and durable.

The most important characteristics

  • There are two guinea pigs that can be comfortably accommodated in the cage, which is made of sturdy materials.
  • A raised platform with a ramp that can be used as a feeding area and sleeping loft is included.
  • It comes with a food dish that is included in the price.
  • Two doors provide access to the cage; one is located at the top and the other is located at the front.

Check out this cage at the cheapest possible price only at Amazon.

LANGXUN 16pcs Wired CC cage For Guinea Pigs

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If you are looking for a modular do-it-yourself cage that can be modified and transformed according to your needs and circumstances, then the CC cage is a great option to consider.

I am a big fan of these cages because they provide me with a great deal of freedom to experiment while also providing the best possible living environment for my guinea pigs.

How to Make a Good C&C Cage (with Pictures)

Metal wires are typically used to construct the frame, which is attached to the wall using plastic corner thingies. This one can be used to create a variety of different shapes and sizes of enclosures.

When it comes to this particular cage, it is typically supplied with 16 pieces of wire mesh, which can be arranged in a rectangular pattern to create an enclosure with a surface area of approximately 10 square feet.

You would undoubtedly require something for your bedding. Alternatively, you can use canvas pieces that can be cut to size and attached at the bottom, or you can purchase an extra set of wire mesh for the bottom and cover it with fleece to create a perfect cage for your guinea pigs.

LANGXUN 16pcs Metal Wire Storage Cubes Organizer, DIY Small Animal Cage for Rabbit, Guinea Pigs, Puppy | Pet Products Portable Metal Wire Yard Fence(14" H)

The most important characteristics

  • Construction that is both sturdy and long-lasting.
  • It is possible to modify and expand it according to your requirements.
  • It has the capacity to house three to four guinea pigs.
  • It is extremely simple to clean and maintain.
  • It is possible to collapse it and move it from one location to another.

Check out this basic CC cage for your guinea pig only at Amazon.

Tespo 12 Pcs CC Cage For Guinea Pigs

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If you’re looking for something a little more extreme, this Tespo CC cage is a good option. You will have more than enough panels to experiment with the cage, which is a positive aspect of this arrangement.

The advantage of this product is that it comes with cable ties and anti-slip pieces that can be used to reinforce the entire structure as well as to assist in the construction of ramps and doors.

This configuration is ideal if you want to elevate the cage above ground level or create an enclosure with two levels of living space.

Tespo Pet Playpen, Small Animal Cage Indoor Portable Metal Wire yd Fence for Small Animals, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits Kennel Crate Fence Tent, Black 12 Panels

The most important characteristics:

  • Material that is both durable and of high quality.
  • It can be customized and tailored to meet specific needs and specifications.
  • Lots of design possibilities are opened up by the use of cable ties and anti-slip pieces.
  • It has the capacity to hold a greater number of guinea pigs.
  • For the size and quality being offered, this is an extremely cost-effective setup.

Check Out This Fantastic Large CC Cage For Your Guinea Pigs Only At Amazon

Aivituvin Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch With Run

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Your guinea pig will thrive in this outdoor hutch from Aivituvin if you want to keep them away from the house and in the fresh air.

Many guinea pig parents find it difficult to keep their guinea pigs indoors, and they are on the lookout for the ideal hutch for allowing their guinea pigs to roam free outside. This hutch turns out to be a blessing in disguise for such parents.

Made of high-quality wood and metal, the hutch provides excellent protection against a variety of predators that may be encountered outside of your home.

The enclosure has been well-insulated to keep them safe in a variety of weather conditions.

Cleaning is also a breeze thanks to the removable trays that come with the appliance. The hutch has wheels attached to the bottom, which makes it extremely portable and easy to move from one location to another.

Aivituvin [Upgrade Version] Rabbit Hutch Rabbit Cage Indoor Bunny Hutch with Run Outdoor Rabbit House with Two Deeper No Leak Trays - 4 Casters Include

A pair of guinea pigs can live a happy and playful life in the living space, if necessary.

The most important characteristics:

  • Wood and metal work are used to construct this high-quality structure.
  • The use of wheels at the bottom makes moving the furniture a breeze.
  • Litter trays that are easily removed allow for faster litter cleaning.
  • It has enough room to accommodate a pair of guinea pigs.
  • Waterproof and well-insulated construction ensures long-term performance in all weather conditions.

Check out this amazing hutch for your guinea pigs only at Amazon.

CO-Z Weatherproof Outdoor Wooden Guinea Pig House

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It is yet another exceptional product for your guinea pigs to have in their home, the CO-Z Wooden Guinea Pig House.

In particular, the fact that the bottom layer can be used as a run while the upper portion can be used as a cozy napping area makes this hutch very appealing to potential buyers.

Construction of the hutch is done with premium-quality fir wood, which is then painted with an environmentally friendly, waterproof, non-toxic varnish.

This premium finish is achieved by coating the enclosure with a paint that is waterproof, anti-corrosion, and UV-resistant in addition to other properties.

The removable tray makes it very simple to clean the top portion of the unit. Additionally, the cage has a two-door opening design, which makes it easy to access and clean every corner of the enclosure.

CO-Z 2 Story Outdoor Wooden Bunny Cage Rabbit Hutch Guinea Pig House in Nature Color with Ladder for Small Animals

The most important characteristics:

  • Fir wood and environmentally friendly paint are used in the construction of this sturdy and luxurious home.
  • The hutch has two layers, one at the top and one at the bottom, and is made of wood.
  • Litter trays that are easily removed allow for faster litter cleaning.
  • It includes a one-year warranty as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The roof is waterproof, and the sleeping area is well insulated, which makes it easier to transition from one weather condition to another.

Check out this fantastic premium hutch for your guinea pigs only at Amazon.

Aivituvin Guinea Pig Cage with Run & Waterproof Roof

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The Aivituvin Guinea pig hutch with a run is also a fantastic option for those who are more concerned with the appearance of their hutch than with functionality.

Despite the fact that the cage is aesthetically pleasing to look at, it also provides all of the necessary amenities for guinea pigs.

A combination of wood for the paneling, an asphalt roof for waterproofing, and eco-friendly paint was used in order to ensure the enclosure was safe for our guinea pigs.

Aivituvin 62" Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage on Wheels with 3 Deep No Leakage Pull Out Tray,Waterproof Roof (Grey)

As an added bonus, the cage includes a metal feeder as well as chew toys for your pet. The size of the cage, as well as the spacing between the bars, are also ideal for a pair of guinea pigs.

The most important characteristics:

  • Durable and high-quality construction using fir wood, asphalt roofing, and environmentally friendly paint.
  • The hutch is divided into two sections, one at the top that serves as a sleeping loft and another at the bottom that can be used as a run.
  • Litter trays that are easily removed allow for faster litter cleaning.
  • Additionally, it is aesthetically pleasing to guinea pig owners.
  • The roof is waterproof, and the sleeping area is well insulated, which makes it easier to transition from one weather condition to another.

Check out this amazing hutch with a run only at Amazon.


What type of cage is the most suitable for a guinea pig?

For the majority of beginners, experts recommend a Midwest cage or a D.I.Y. CC cage.
The modular design of these cages distinguishes them from the competition, and this is the primary reason for their selection.
It is simple to expand and change in response to changing circumstances and requirements. That being said, those are the best cages for a beginner to begin with.

A guinea pig cage should be no smaller than the following dimensions:

A guinea pig cage should have a minimum floor space of 7.5 square feet. “The more, the merrier” is a proverb that applies perfectly in this situation.
If you have the option of purchasing a larger enclosure, do so. However, the bare minimum of 7.5 square feet would be sufficient for a pair of guinea pigs.
You must provide 3 square feet of space per guinea pig for each additional guinea pig you have.

Can guinea pigs live in cages with multiple levels?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple levels of cages for Guinea pigs. However, you must take care to ensure that the ramps and the layer are securely attached and stable before proceeding.
The fear of heights, combined with the instability of a slope, may cause Guinea pigs to avoid using the facility altogether.

Is it necessary to have a top on guinea pig cages?

When your cage is set up in a location where they are completely safe from predators, it is not necessary to have a top on the enclosure.
The use of a top in an animal’s cage is recommended if you have dogs, cats, or any other animals, or if the cage is set up in a location where other outside predators might be able to get into it accidentally.

Is it possible for guinea pigs to use ramps?

Yes, guinea pigs are capable of using ramps. A low-incline ramp is used in this situation to make climbing an easy task for the children to complete.
Because of the steepness of the slope, they may decide to forego using it altogether.

Is it necessary to provide toys in the cage for guinea pigs?

Yes, it is recommended that you provide your guinea pigs with some toys in their cage. Guinea pigs are highly active animals who require constant mental stimulation in order to maintain their well-being and keep themselves happy.
If we could provide our guinea pigs with some safe and enjoyable toys, we could help them live a happier life.
Note: If you notice that your guinea pig is chewing on the cage bar a lot, you should consider putting some chew toys in their cage to distract them. When they’re bored, they’ll chew on the bars to pass the time.
Check out our article on some of the best toys for your guinea pig for more information.

Is it necessary to provide bedding for guinea pigs in their cage?

In fact, having high-quality bedding is an important part of putting together a proper guinea pig enclosure for your animals.
It not only helps to keep the enclosure clean, but it also helps to keep their feet dry by providing them with bedding.
Your pet’s cage should most definitely have some type of bedding in it.
Check out our article on fantastic bedding for your Guinea Pig for more information.

What should a guinea pig have in his or her cage?

Guinea pigs require a wide range of supplies in their cage to be happy and healthy. From high-quality bedding to a food dish, water bottle, hay feeder, and toys, among other things, you must make certain that your guinea pig has constant access to high-quality hay and water at all times.

Is it possible to cover a guinea pig cage during the night?

Yes, you should definitely cover your guinea pig cage, either partially or completely, when you sleep at night time. In addition, you must make certain that the pen is well ventilated and that the cover does not completely obstruct the air exchange.
A sense of security is provided to guinea pigs when their cage is covered, and they tend to sleep even better when they feel secure.

Is it possible for guinea pigs to escape from their cages?

The answer is no, your guinea pig will not climb out of their cage or even attempt to do so under normal circumstances.
However, if you leave the cage doors open and provide a ramp that can lead them out, it is possible that they will escape simply out of curiosity.

What is the recommended frequency of cage cleaning?

Guinea pig cages require ongoing maintenance on a regular basis. You should clean the cage on a daily basis and deep clean it once a week.
In the event that you do not clean it on a regular basis, debris may accumulate, creating an unsatisfactory living environment for your guinea pig.
In order to keep their cages clean, it is best to do so every day.
To keep your Guinea Pig Cage odor-free and clean, check out our comprehensive guide on how to do so.