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In order to learn more about guinea pig popcorning, we’ve gathered here today. Yes, you read that correctly. The reason for this has absolutely nothing to do with giving your guinea pigs popcorn. In fact, it is a behavior that most guinea pigs engage in when they are delighted and relaxed. But why is it referred to as “guinea pigs popcorning” in the first place? Allow us to investigate what it is. (Believe me, when it happened to my guinea pig for the first time, I was terrified as hell) What does the term “guinea pig popcorning” refer to?Guinea pig popcorning is the term used to describe those frantic, seemingly out of nowhere leaps into the air that your guinea pigs perform when they are excited.The condition is more prevalent in younger guinea pigs when compared to older animals. Because the act closely resembles the popping of a corn kernel, it has been dubbed “popcorning.”Believe me when I say that when I first noticed this happening, I thought my guinea pig was having a seizure attack and was terrified to my core, but then it stopped after a short period of time and my pig was walking around normally.


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How do guinea pigs popcorn?

When our guinea pigs are extremely happy and excited, they begin to exhibit popcorning, which is characterized by brief bursts of excitement followed by a pause.

As opposed to some guinea pigs who begin jumping straight, others who begin jumping sideways, and still others who begin running laps and jumping in the middle. As they jump, they will also begin to squeak louder. As a result, there is no specific pattern to how it occurs.

Some people think it looks like a guinea pig is pogoing, while others think it looks like a bucking bronco is charging.

Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to predict when they will begin popping popcorn. However, if this does occur, take pleasure in the spectacle as it is a rare occurrence.

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What is the difference between guinea pig popcorning and guinea pig having seizures?

If your guinea pig has a seizure attack, they will fall to one side, their body will begin to twitch, and they will cry out in agony.

It is not the actual seizure, but it appears to be one because it has the same appearance. In reality, it is caused by a skin parasite known as guinea pig mange, which infects the guinea pig.

The extreme itching sensation caused by the parasite causes the seizure-like behavior to be triggered in the animal. Furthermore, when compared to popcorning, it may last significantly longer.

The opposite is true if your guinea pig is popcorning; instead, they will purr or squeak out of excitement and begin to take small leaps in the air. It will take some time before they are able to return to their normal state of affairs.

Source: Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital

What does guinea pig popcorning look like?

Watch some videos to see what it looks like when you pop popcorn in a guinea pig’s mouth.

Guinea Pig Popcorning to the Extreme

After watching these videos of guinea pig popcorning, I can see the pique of interest in your eyes. I understand. So, let us proceed to learn more about the subject matter at hand.

Compilation of Guinea Pig Popcorn Recipes

How often do guinea pigs popcorn?

Guinea pigs consume a greater amount of popcorn when they are young as opposed to when they become older. According to my observations, my guinea pigs ate a lot of popcorn from the time they were born until they were one year old.

Later on, the frequency of popcorn consumption decreased, but they still enjoy it every now and then, especially when they know that their vegetables or treat is on the way.

There is no limit or counting specified as to how many times your guinea pig can popcorn in a single sitting. It is a natural response that can vary depending on the situation.

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Why do guinea pigs popcorn?

Guinea pigs can eat popcorn when they are delighted and excited, as well as when they are scared or frightened. Usually, they do popcorn out of sheer delight; however, they have been known to do it out of sheer terror as well.

You must pay close attention in order to determine the source of your guinea pig’s popcorning. If it turns out to be a result of fear, they track down the source and have it removed. However, if it is done out of joy, then take pleasure in the act until you are able to stop it.

There could be a variety of things going on in the environment that could cause your guinea pigs to start popcorning.

Perhaps you’ve taken their favorite treat out of the fridge, or perhaps it’s simply dinnertime?

This can be caused by a new toy or even a change in toy rotation in their cage. Perhaps you’ve upgraded their living quarters with a larger enclosure or fresh and new bedding?

A new hiding spot or piece of furniture in the cage could be discovered and explored. Sometimes all it takes is a little extra floor time to make a difference. In addition, sometimes a high-quality, fresh feed can be the source of the problem.

You’ve got it exactly right! Whatever the case may be, it is amusing to watch your guinea pig pop popcorn in his mouth.

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Can guinea pigs control popcorning?

Yes, guinea pigs have the ability to control their popcorn consumption. Most of the time, however, popcorning is associated with an emotion that can be triggered by a variety of factors.

Suppose you buy them their favorite vegetables or a new toy or treat, and they start popcorning out of sheer delight on your part?

When I reach for the bags of vegetables in the fridge, some of my piggies get a little giddy with excitement. As soon as they realize what is about to happen, they begin to popcorn in delight.

The act of popcorning, on the other hand, can sometimes be unintentional. It is possible for guinea pigs to become frightened by an event, and this can result in them eating popcorn.

As an example, one of my guinea pigs was afraid during a storm outside, perhaps because of the sound of the storm outside. Even that elicited a response from the participants.

Consequently, we can say that most of the time, popcorning is voluntary and under their control, but that sometimes it just happens and they appear to be powerless over the situation.

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Is guinea pig popcorning good?

Yes, guinea pig popcorning is a sign of a guinea pig who is happy and excited about something. If your guinea pigs eat a lot of popcorn, it indicates that they are content and comfortable in their environment.

Some people also believe that popcorning is a stress-relieving technique, which implies that they are stressed; however, the situation and the act do not support this reasoning.

Occasionally, popcorning may be associated with feelings of fear or overstimulation. For example, if the sound of a vacuum cleaner, blender, or other loud noise causes your guinea pig to start popcorning, it could be because he is afraid of the noise.

It would be best to keep an eye out for physical signs such as a frightful shrieking sound, wide-open eyes, running for cover, and so on, even though these are extremely rare in most guinea pigs.

Signs that your Guinea Pig is content

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At what age do guinea pigs stop popcorning?

Although there is no specific age at which guinea pigs tend to stop popcorning, there are some trends. Despite his age, one of my guinea pigs, who is four years old, still popcorns whenever I give him some strawberry.

It’s just that when guinea pigs are young, they eat a lot of popcorn, which makes sense. As they grow older, the likelihood of them popping popcorn decreases significantly.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of older guinea pigs being content. Young guinea pigs are active and full of energy, and they use popcorning as a means of releasing some of that energy.

In contrast, as they grow older, their bodies become bulkier, and as a result, they tend to snack on popcorn less frequently.

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How do I make my guinea pig popcorn?

There are a variety of factors that can cause guinea pigs to start popcorning at any time. As you are already aware, they eat popcorn when they are happy or excited, as evidenced by this article.

As you develop a stronger bond with your guinea pig and learn more about what they enjoy and dislike, you may be able to move a step closer to figuring out how to make popcorn for your guinea pig.

Today, however, I’m going to share some of the reasons that I’ve observed that cause people to crave popcorn in the first place. So, let’s take a look at it:

  • The most common way to elicit this behavior is to provide them with a treat of some sort. It is possible to drive them insane by serving them some of their favorite vegetables and fruits. You can also teach them how to do so in a command situation. Simply say “Pop” or “Jump” as you hand over the treat to them.
  • Within a short period of time, they will associate the word with the treat and may begin popping on command. Isn’t that incredible?
  • Guinea pigs are fascinated by toys. If you could get them a new toy, such as a ladder, a hiding place, a hammock, or anything else they would enjoy, they would probably spend hours watching them popcorn like crazy. Popcorning in them can be triggered by simple actions such as replacing or rotating toys, as well as a change in their cage setup.
  • Taking your guinea pig out of the cage and allowing them to spend some time on the floor is another excellent way to get them to start popcorning. Guinea pigs are inquisitive creatures who enjoy exploring their surroundings. So, perhaps you can provide them with popcorn by dedicating some additional floor time each week.
  • If you provide all of your guinea pigs’ basic needs, such as high-quality hay and bedding, as well as a sufficiently large cage, you may notice your guinea pig popcorning occasionally out of excitement. Because they have a lot of space to run around and play, they use popcorning to let off some of their excess energy.
  • Cleaning the cage and replacing the bedding can be one of the factors that contribute to your guinea pigs’ popcorning behavior. Guinea pigs are particularly fond of freshly laundered sheets. (After all, who doesn’t enjoy waking up to a fresh and clean bed?) And, in some cases, simply changing the bedding can make all the difference for you.

So, I hope you have gained some insight into some of the fantastic methods for making guinea pig popcorn. Surely you have already tried some of that stuff and have everything just right for your test subjects.

However, if you still want to look at some of my recommended toys, which my guinea pigs adore and with which they have a lot of fun, here’s what I recommend:

A variety of toys is required to keep our guinea pigs mentally and physically stimulated, as well as happy and free of boredom. I personally adore this incredible toy set, which is both sturdy and safe for children.

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Why does my guinea pig keep popcorning all the time?

When guinea pigs are happy, they tend to consume popcorn. As a result, if your guinea pig is pleased and excited by the care and treats they receive, they may consume popcorn on a regular basis.

They do, on occasion, become frightened and eat popcorn in an unusual manner. Finding the root cause of the problem and addressing it may be the most appropriate course of action in this situation.

If you are unsure about the behavior, consulting with a veterinarian may be beneficial.

Do guinea pigs popcorn when angry?

Guinea pigs do not eat popcorn when they are angry, contrary to popular belief. Whether you’re delighted or terrified, popcorning is a behavior triggered by excitement or overstimulation that you engage in when you’re feeling delighted or terrified.

Do guinea pigs popcorn when scared?

Yes, guinea pigs do popcorn when they are scared of something because they become overstimulated, which results in them popping popcorn in their mouths. They are only popcorning out of excitement in the majority of cases; however, this is a rare occurrence.

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