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Guinea pigs have a variety of entertaining routines and amusing body language that will make you feel fantastic whenever you see them circling around. I’m going to tell you about the habits of guinea pigs who like to run around in circles. The numerous varieties of guinea pig behavior, postures, and actions have different meanings. It is common for circling to be displayed as a kind of dominance behavior between two guinea pigs. Some guinea pigs will also run around in a circle and dance, which is a sign that your guinea pigs are interested in mating. Guinea pigs will also run in a circle when they want to play, when they are excited, or when they want to be noticed by others. More information on your guinea pig’s habit of racing around in circles will be provided in this page. We will also understand why they do what they do and what it means to them.We should get right into it, shall we?


What does it mean when your guinea pig runs in circles?

Runnin’ around in circles is a common element of the courtship activity of guinea pigs, and it is sometimes accompanied by wheeking noises as well. The fact that your pet is pleased is a positive sign.

It is a good habit to have. This type of behavior is more common in babies than in adults, so keep an eye out for it.

Circling is a favorite activity for baby guinea pigs, but it is not as enjoyable for adults. As they grew older, they gained weight. As a result, it is a form of exercise that they engage in.

Circling is popular in the guinea pig universe, and it can represent a range of different things, which makes you curious to learn more about them:

  • Attention seeker: Guinea pig often runs in a circle to get the attention of the owner. Sometimes they continuously run to and fro inside their cage or around your feet.
  • Beg for food: Guinea pig circles when they want their favorite food. It may be carrots, cucumber, pea flakes, green and red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, etc. My guinea pigs love carrots, so he keeps popcorning and running on my lap.
  • Mating: When the guinea pig is attracted to another pet, he starts circling the other one. It is a way to ask the female to be ready to mate.
  • Playing: Guinea pigs are active animals, and they do love to play. Chasing their cagemates around is one of the typical activities you will notice when they start playing.
  • Dominance behavior: Guinea pigs are social animals. They live in groups, but just like other animals in the wild, there can only be a single leader of the group. Thus, they go through a lot of verbal and physical confrontation to prove their dominance in the cage. Running around other guinea pigs, followed by a mounting behavior is a common occurrence in it.

Let us now have a closer look at each scenario in which your guinea pigs might demonstrate circling behavior.

Guinea pig circling and rumble strutting

Guinness Book of World Records: Rumble strutting is a sound made by guinea pigs as part of their dominant behavior. This is also a sound they make before performing a mating act.

It’s likely that you’ve experienced this behavior when caring for your guinea pig as a pet for some time.

When they seek to assert their dominance over another guinea pig, they begin to circle each other and make loud purring noises, which are fairly loud.

It is common for them to emit purring sounds and lift their hind legs when they are annoyed, agitated, or wish to assert dominance. This is a critical step in the development of dominant behavior.

One further type of body language to look out for is the rising of the head and front legs of a piggie, which is followed by the fluffing out of their fur.

Another guinea pig is humped in this manner to demonstrate their authority, and they dance to prove their power.

Guinea pigs popcorning and running laps

Popcorning is the term used to describe the insane leaps your guinea pigs perform in the air. Because of the suddenness with which the jump is performed, it has been termed “popcorning.”

Jumping is a common feature of delighted guinea pigs when they are running. Some people believe that the pet is in pain when they first see it because it is their first impression.

However, there is nothing to be concerned about. It’s a typical occurrence, exactly like circling around.

The majority of the time, the motive for them to consume popcorn is joy, however there are moments when they consume popcorn because of fear.

As a result, pay close attention to the activities of your guinea that contribute to popcorning in them.

Guinea pig circling each other

If you’ve ever introduced two cavies to one another, you may have noticed that they started circling around each other right away. This is more likely when the two people are of the same gender as each other.

Guinea pigs, like all other pets, can be mischievous from time to time. When guinea pigs want to mate, they will frequently circle each other.

After they’ve formed a friendship, it’s common to see them circling each other in the vicinity. First-time home buyers will be taken aback and startled by what they find out.

However, you will discover that your pet is interested in mating with the females.

By spaying or neutering your guinea pig, you can assist your pet in reducing undesired behavior in your guinea pig.

You can also separate the male guinea pigs from the female guinea pigs in order to prevent mating behavior.

When there is no female around, some male guinea pigs will exhibit this behavior as well.

It usually occurs when their hormones are out of control. It is not uncommon for them to begin pursuing and humping their cage mates around the cage and, in some cases, even displaying aggressive behavior.

When guinea pigs are trying to figure out their relationship, they will sometimes run about and chase each other in circles around each other.

It is also possible that it is the product of domineering conduct. Look for indicators of dominance and separate them if things start to go in the wrong direction.

Guinea pig running circles in a cage

If your pet does not have access to time outside of his cage, he will begin to move around and circle within his living quarters to compensate.

The sheer joy and satisfaction you will derive from watching your cavies engage in amusing and charming behaviors will be great.

When a guinea pig wants to exercise and play but doesn’t have enough space in its cage, they may sometimes run around in circles in their cage.

It’s possible that a small cage is to blame. Make sure your guinea pigs have a large enough cage and, if at all feasible, allow them to spend time on the floor in a guinea pig proof area.

If your guinea pig is pacing back and forth within his home environment, it is possible that he is attempting to draw the attention of the member of the opposite gender to himself.

When your guinea pigs are delighted, they may also sprint laps around the cage with great enthusiasm.

Neutered guinea pig circling

Spaying and neutering are both terms used to refer to the surgical removal of an animal’s reproductive organ. Circling can be used to establish dominance in guinea pigs who have been spayed or neutered.

Once your pet reaches sexual maturity, you will need to understand that neutering him or her is absolutely necessary in order to avoid the possibility of uterine cancer.

Even though neutered guinea pigs are normally calmer, they continue to circle in an attempt to assert dominance over their environment.

A few months after being neutered, some guinea pigs still have some hormones left in their bodies.

While they are doing this, these guinea pigs may make a mating call by rushing around the enclosure in circles.

Gnuea pigs do not change their disposition after being neutered, despite the fact that they have considerably healthier behavior. Their attempt to dominate may still be on the cards.

Guinea pig circling around my feet

When your pet keeps racing around your feet, it will be pretty amusing for you to witness. This conduct on your pet’s part suggests that they are looking for something from you.

Some guinea pigs will exhibit this behavior, but not all of them will.

It appears that your pet is infatuated with your feet, or that they want something because they are curious about what you are doing, or that they desire the thing that is now in your possession.

They will continue to circle you until you hand over whatever it is that you are holding in your hand to them.

Guinea pigs frequently express their feelings towards you by rotating their feet. Having your guinea pig circle you indicates that they are interested in you and would like your attention.

Some guinea pigs exhibit this behavior when they desire to be caressed as well as other animals. They could be attempting to bring your attention to them in order for you to shower your attention on them.

Guinea pig spinning in circles

Some guinea pig behavior takes you by surprise, and you may get concerned about your pet as a result. When it comes to guinea pigs, running in a circle isn’t always a bad indication.

This conduct, on the other hand, is triggered by boredom. A guinea pig that is spinning in a circle could be suffering from a medical condition.

As a result, whenever you notice this behavior in your pet, take him or her to the veterinarian.

The guinea pig’s technique of indicating that he is not feeling well is to spin in circles. Guinea pigs require a high level of care and attention. You may have noticed that your pet spins in a circle when he or she is dizzy or ill, as you would expect.