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The bedding in our guinea pigs’ habitat is the most important component in ensuring that they remain safe and healthy for as long as possible.

There is a wide range of bedding materials and products available on the market, which can make making a decision even more difficult in some cases.

As a result, I decided to write a review of Guineadad fleece liner, which is a popular choice of bedding among guinea pig owners and is available at a reasonable price. If you’ve come to find out whether something is worth your money or not, here’s what you should know:

In the event that you are looking for high-quality bedding that is both super absorbent and odor-free, Guineadad fleece liner is the ideal choice for you. Despite the fact that they are a little more expensive up front, they are one of the most cost-effective options in the long run.

However, if you are looking for a more in-depth review, I recommend that you continue reading this review to the end.

The following are some of the most notable characteristics of Guinea pig fleece liners:

The most important characteristics

  • Your cage will remain dry thanks to the water-resistant bottom.
  • The material is a natural bamboo blend that is completely safe for our piggies to consume.
  • Material that is antibacterial and odor-resistant.
  • A durable and precise finish that results in a high-quality finished product is achieved.
  • The burrow pocket is where your guinea pigs will be burrowing in.

With the basic features out of the way let us have an in-depth look at the product and the company itself.

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About the company?

It was only a few years ago that Si Lee and Sean Hahn founded Guineadad, with the mission of “assisting piggies in living life to the fullest.”

The story began a few years ago when one of the guinea pigs, Tofu, became ill with bacterial conjunctivitis, which required treatment.

A quality product for bedding for their guinea pig was sought after but not found by the duo who went out into the market in search of it for them.

They attempted a variety of do-it-yourself solutions, but none proved to be reliable for the job. As a result, the concept for the product and the company was born.

When you look at the quality of the products, it is clear that they have put in a lot of effort to design the product with the essential nature and behavior of guinea pigs in mind, and this shows.

Moreover, after experimenting with over a dozen different brands, I can say that their products are fairly standard when compared to the competition.

Does Guineadad’s fleece actually smell?

People who have used fleece bedding in the past have expressed concern about how strongly the material smells in general.

Yes, that may be true in the case of other low-quality products available on the market or with those low-cost DIY projects they have attempted in previous years.

The reality, on the other hand, is quite different from these excellent fleece liners from Guineadad.. The nature of guinea pigs was taken into consideration when designing these liners. As a result, they are constructed of three layers.

The first layer is made of polyester fleece, which allows all of the moisture from the bottom layer to pass through and remain completely dry.

Two layers of bamboo blend super absorbent material are sandwiched between the fleece to absorb all of the wet spots while keeping the fleece completely dry and odorless.

Bamboo also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, which makes it a good choice for cooking. The final layer is essentially a waterproof back made of a polyester/polyester blend that is intended to keep the base of your cage absolutely dry.

It is extremely important to keep the base of the cage dry, especially if you are using a wooden cage, because if the pee soaks into the bottom of the cage, mold can develop.

If you have a problem with a smelly cage, you can learn more about guinea pig smell from our guide.

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Pros of Guineadad fleece liner

There is no better way to determine whether a product is worthwhile or not than by weighing all of the advantages and disadvantages of the product in question.

So, let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using Guineadad fleece liner to begin with.


When it comes to selecting bedding, the importance of selecting one that is comfortable cannot be overstated.

Guinea pig dad bedding is designed with the comfort and safety of your guinea pigs at the forefront of mind.

Guinea pig bedding is similar to human bed liners in that if they are not comfortable, it will be very difficult for them to get a good night’s sleep in the first place.

To this end, ensure that your guinea pig is comfortable and satisfied with your selection.


Another important reason for using bedding in our guinea pig’s cage is to keep the guinea pig’s feet from becoming wet.

Consider the following scenario: you use straw or wood shavings as a bedding layer. You will notice that the bedding in the cage becomes soaked as a result of your guinea pig’s frequent peeing, as well as the bottom of your guinea-feet pig’s becoming wet. In guinea pigs, this can result in some serious diseases such as respiratory infection and bumblefeet, among other things.

Guinea dad fleece liners are constructed with super absorbent layers that keep the top layer dry while absorbing everything your guinea pig excretes. As a result, it is an excellent choice for the situation.


Due to the fact that there is no leftover pee lying around the cage, the issue of smell is completely avoided.

It is possible to absorb and lock every drop of pee in the bamboo blend layer, which soaks up everything and prevents a foul smell from spreading throughout the cage.

Exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve experimented with making my own fleece bedding in the past, and one of the most common issues I encountered was guinea pigs burrowing under the bedding and making a sloppy mess of things.

Because the liners did not fit perfectly, the guinea pigs had enough room to find an entrance and make a mess all over the place. Thanks to Guineadad fleece liners, I can finally say goodbye to this problem for good.

The liners are a little larger than necessary to account for shrinkage, and they fit perfectly on the majority of cages. The popular midwest cage, a DIY C&C cage, or anything else are all good options for a cage. You will be able to find a product in your size.

In addition, the liners have a pocket on the sides that is large enough for your guinea pigs to burrow in. My guinea pigs enjoy burrowing in that area and peeing and pooping there. It makes cleaning a little easier because the majority of the poop is collected in one location.

Most people believe that Guineadad fleece liners are extremely expensive and that they are not suitable for everyone; however, if you do the math correctly, you may find that these assumptions are incorrect.

Guineadad liners may be expensive up front, but they prove to be extremely cost-effective in the long run.

Let’s look at an example to illustrate what I mean: Consider the following scenario: you have a midwest cage. If I purchase any popular brand paper bedding, it would cost me approximately 5-6$ in bedding material every week (considering a deep clean every week).

In comparison, purchasing a pair of guinea dad liner (with one extra for replacement to make weekly cleaning a breeze) would cost you approximately 100 dollars (plus tax).

As a result, the liners will pay for themselves in less than a year. If properly cared for, they can easily last for three to four years.

As a result, you will receive free bedding for the next three years. As far as I can tell, there is no other bedding material that is as inexpensive as this.

Yes, there is a maintenance cost every week for laundry, but that is insignificant when compared to the cost of purchasing a bag of bedding every month or two.

Simple to keep up with

Guinea dad fleece liners are extremely simple to clean and maintain. It’s preferable to the paper bedding options, in my opinion.

Paper bedding or aspen bedding used to get all over the place around the cage area as guinea pigs used to move them around or when we used to take our guinea pigs out for a walk around the yard.

With guinea dad fleece liners, there is no such muddle. I’ve noticed that even the hay adheres to it and does not blow around as much since I began using it. Another important consideration is how simple it is to clean and replace the item.

You can quickly clean the cage with a brush and pan or a vacuum, depending on your preference.

When using other bedding options, cleaning the cage on a regular basis becomes very time-consuming. When you use this liner, even deep cleaning is relatively straightforward.

Cons of Guineadad fleece liner

Yes, where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages to everything. Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of using Guineadad fleece liner as well.

Up-front expenses are high.

Some people consider it to be one of the most obvious disadvantages. When you compare the cost of the liners to the cost of other types of bedding options, the liners are more expensive.

Other bedding options, on the other hand, may require you to make monthly investments, whereas this is a one-time investment that will last for years.

Even if you opt for the do-it-yourself route, the upkeep and dependability of those puppy pads and pee pads will be inferior to that of these professionally crafted liners. However, you may have to save up a significant amount of money before you can afford one.


You might think that buying a single liner, washing it once a week, drying it, and putting it back in the cage the same day will allow you to get away from the situation. However, it is not as simple as it appears.

Natural drying of the liners takes hours, and you know how messy your guinea pigs can make a place in that amount of time. The liners are not intended for quick drying.

It is possible that you will need to purchase a second pair to replace the soiled one and wash the clean one at your leisure.

In some apartments, doing laundry can be a hassle.

One of the most common issues that many business owners encounter is that they live in an apartment and must share a common laundry room with the other people who also live in the building.

If you live in such an area, you may find it difficult to get your laundry for your guinea pigs’ liner done on time.

It is possible that the apartment rules or members of society will prohibit you from washing your liners in a public restroom.

Alternatively, you might want to think about washing them in a different way. As a result, some proprietors may experience difficulties.

Conclusion: Should I buy Guineadad fleece liner?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Guinedad fleece liner to any and all guinea pig owners out there who are interested.Guineadad fleece liners are the best choice if you want to provide your guinea pigs with a healthy and comfortable living environment.The fleece liners are made of high-quality material that is both super absorbent and easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for any occasion.

As a bonus, if you plan on purchasing fleece liners for your guinea pigs, you should also consider purchasing this incredible laundry bag, which will make cleaning these liners extremely simple.

Furthermore, the price is reasonable, as you only have to pay a one-time fee and can rely on it for many years to come. As a result, choosing the right bedding is essential.

Please feel free to explore other options if you didn’t find what you were looking for here for whatever reason: In 2021, the best bedding for guinea pigs will be determined.