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Foxes can be a nuisance to deal with, especially if you keep your guinea pigs in an outdoor enclosure. These predators can pose a serious threat to the lives of our guinea pigs, therefore we must take precautions to keep them safe. So, let’s find out more about how to keep guinea pigs safe from foxes in today’s lesson. The first line of defense for our guinea pigs will be a sturdy hutch made of solid wood and bolted together tightly to keep them safe. Foxes should not be able to dig through the flooring if it is properly secured with flooring. You can also use natural fox repellent and floodlights to keep the foxes away from your guinea pigs’ enclosure. In addition, because they are opportunistic predators, foxes will not shy away from taking advantage of a chance to dine on your guinea pigs. Even though the guinea pigs are safely contained within their hutch, the presence of foxes in the vicinity might cause them considerable worry.As a result, we must establish certain safety preparations for our guinea pigs in order to ensure that they are safe and secure in their cage.Our guinea pigs’ hutch will be discussed in detail in this post, as will how to keep foxes away from them. We will also explore how to protect predators from harming our guinea pigs by using several methods.


Do foxes kill guinea pigs?

Yes, foxes are carnivores who will consume any meat, including that of tiny mammals such as guinea pigs, if they have access to it.

Guinea pigs have no natural defenses, which is especially true when they are kept in a hutch.

They do, however, have a high sense of smell and hearing capacity, which allows them to identify predators at an early stage.

However, the only way they can protect themselves is to remain hidden in their Hideouts or to shout for assistance.

As a result, we must take precautions to ensure that the foxes do not gain access to our guinea pigs, as this might be fatal to them.

How to keep foxes away from guinea pigs?

When it comes to housing your guinea pigs outside, there are a variety of issues to consider.

Along with protecting yourself from adverse weather conditions, you should also consider protecting yourself from predators such as foxes and raccoons, which are frequent in both rural and urban locations.

It is recommended that you follow the following guidelines to keep your guinea pig secure from foxes and other predators.

Consider keeping your guinea pig indoor

One of the most obvious and effective methods of keeping your guinea pig safe is to keep them indoors at all times.

What matters is that no matter how cramped your quarters are, you can always find some extra room if you put in the effort to make it happen.

If, on the other hand, you are unable to accommodate them inside, then relocating them to a well-insulated shed would be your best option.

If you want to keep your guinea pigs safe from the foxes and temperature swings, you must build a solid shed that is well insulated and secure.

In order to keep your guinea pigs safe from predators, you should build a robust shed for them.

It will also be difficult for predators to locate your guinea pigs as a result of this arrangement.

Use fox repellent

Fox are opportunistic predators, and odor repellant will not work on them since they are opportunistic.

Odor repellents can be harmful to our guinea pigs, so they should be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, using a high-frequency sound repellant is a good idea; however. because some of the high-frequency sounds are audible to our guinea pigs, this can cause stress in the animals.

Consequently, after extensive investigation, I’ve discovered that the motion-activated water sprinkler is the one and only way that is effective and does not injure our guinea pigs.

Foxes are likely to be caught off guard by a quick burst of water from these sprinklers, which will deter them from approaching your home or business.

Fox proof a hutch

Fox proofing the hutch will be one of the first and most important tasks to be completed.

If the hutch is robust and there are no severe flaws in the placement or construction quality, the foxes will not be able to access our guinea pigs.

Chewy provided me with a really stunning hutch, which I just like. It is quite durable and performs admirably.

When preparing the hutch for your guinea pigs, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These are some examples:

  • Use sturdy materials: Make sure the hutch is made up of good quality solid wood that is weather-resistant as well as sturdy enough to protect your guinea pigs from foxes and other predators. If you are making a DIY enclosure, then use durable materials and secure the joints well so that the enclosure can withstand these attacks.
  • Cover all openings in the hutch: You must ensure there is no opening spot in the hutch. A small opening of fewer than 5 inches can also provide enough space for foxes to reach to your guinea pigs. Make sure the hutch is secured from the top and all sides as well. Also, avoid open-top enclosures at all costs.
  • Secure the floor: Foxes can dig in through the ground into your guinea pigs enclosure. Thus, having a solid floor or adding a solid wooden bottom to the hutch is extremely crucial. You can also raise the bottom of your hutch by adding some legs. It gives extra protection from predators as well as weather.
  • Eliminate hiding spots: Foxes can hide behind bushes and tall grass in your yard and sneak attack your guinea pigs hutch. Although the chances are your guinea pigs will detect them early on, but if not, they can scare your guinea pigs to death. Some guinea pigs suffer from cardiac arrest when in shock. So, be careful. Even if they can’t reach them, they can still harm our guinea pigs.
  • Lock the hutch before night time: Foxes are smart enough to open simple locks. Consider them as a child, if your child can open the lock, then the foxes can also do the same. It is best to latch and lock the hutch before dusk. Also, use strong bolts that aren’t easy to open, just for added security.
  • Remove uneaten vegetables and fruits: Foxes are also attracted to ripe fruits. So, if there is any uneaten food lying around the cage, get rid of it immediately. Only provide hay to your guinea pigs after dusk.

Place the hutch near your home

The location of the hutch or enclosure is also very important in terms of deterring attacks on the animal.

In the event that your guinea pig enclosure is situated far away from the house or in a quiet section of the yard, foxes will feel more confident when closing in on it.

If the same is located right next to your residence, they are far more likely to maintain a safe distance from the same.

Additionally, if your guinea pigs’ hutch is close, they can shout for assistance; otherwise, their cries may go unheard.

Make your yard unappealing for predators

There are a variety of methods for making your yard uninviting to potential predators. Some of the things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Garbage should be stored and kept away in containers that are firmly sealed.
  • Garbage cans should be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Taking any ripe vegetables from your garden and storing it (if any).
  • Getting rid of any type of cover, such as huge shrubs, brush piles, woodpiles, and so on.
  • Making necessary adjustments to your yard’s lawn and other shrubs.
  • Remove any standing water that may attract thirsty predators to your property.


The placement of solar-powered lights around the yard is a simple and effective method of keeping foxes away.

Foxes try to steer away from lights, especially if they are constantly being turned on and off by their owners.

Getting the motion sensor model would be ideal because it will scare away any foxes that might be able to infiltrate your yard through any methods.

A monthly checkup

It is critical to conduct a monthly check-up around the hutch as well as the surrounding area in order to detect any signs of predators.

If you notice any borrowings or other marks on your guinea pigs, you may need to take further precautions to keep them safe.

Look for any problems and correct them as soon as possible.

Never leave your guinea pigs outside unsupervised

Guinea pigs require floor time, and if they are housed outside, it is a good idea to give them with a run to exercise in.

When your guinea pigs are playing in an open run or other open enclosures, it is not recommended that you leave them unattended to.

They can be attacked by any predator, including a dog, raccoons, hawks, and other birds of prey, and they will be defenseless in such cases.

In addition, guinea pigs may squeeze through any little openings and cracks in the fences.

As a result, anytime kids are outside, always make sure someone is watching over them for your protection.

I really enjoy these playpen tents, which provide complete coverage for your guinea pig from all sides, including from the top. It is an excellent choice if you routinely let your guinea pigs out in the fresh air.

Guinea pigs and foxes

The fangs and claws of a guinea pig are razor sharp, but they are powerless in the face of a vicious predator.

It’s important to remember that they are prey animals, and their only means of protection is to hide and scream for aid.

A wooden castle, such as this one from Small Pet Select, is constructed of durable materials and will survive for a long time. (P.S. If you purchase anything using the link above, you will receive an additional 15% discount.)

This type of refuge on chewy is particularly suitable for those who are working with a limited budget.

Foxes, on the other hand, are crafty and stealthy, and they are capable of attacking our guinea pigs, particularly if they are kept in an outdoor enclosure.

This makes it an ideal choice to keep your guinea pigs indoors all of the time!

However, if you are forced to keep them outside for any reason, make sure you have everything ready for them.

Purchase a robust enclosure for them, and place some predator repellent around your yard to keep such predators away from our adorable guinea pigs, which are very intelligent.