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When it comes to chewing on things, guinea pigs aren’t picky. They will chew on anything. A common way for Guinea pigs to pass the time is to shred anything that comes across their path because they become bored easily. You can be certain that if there is any paper left in their cage, they will shred it to pieces. Is it harmful for guinea pigs to consume newspaper? Is it possible for them to get sick? Let’s take a look and see!Guinea pigs can become ill if they consume an excessive amount of newspaper. Furthermore, eating papers does not provide them with any nutritional value at all. It is possible that they will have difficulty digesting it. Congestion and gastrointestinal blockage are possible consequences for your guinea pig as a result of this condition. A small piece of paper once in a while, on the other hand, is not a problem.Having an abundance of paper around can be detrimental to your pet, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it entirely.

Guinea pigs take pleasure in time-consuming activities, and crumbling paper provides them with the opportunity to do so.

If you read this guide, you’ll understand why you shouldn’t let your guinea pigs chew on paper, but you’ll also learn how you can use paper to improve the living conditions of your animals.


Why does my guinea pig keep eating paper?

In most cases, guinea pigs prefer to play with papers rather than eat them, which indicates that they find them more entertaining. In reality, guinea pigs always require more encouragement and will wish for more challenging situations to be placed in front of them.

The situation is not the same as it appears; they will not eat the paper after they have played with it. Because they may be hungry, guinea pigs will consume paper, so if you notice your piggies consuming paper, make certain that they are receiving adequate amounts of hay.

If your guinea pigs are eating newspapers, this indicates that their body’s requirement for fiber is not being met. Provide them with more food that contains fiber, as the newspaper will not be able to make up for their deficiency in this area.

Alternatively, it’s possible that your guinea pigs are bored. It is for this reason that they are munching on paper. If they are allowed to roam around the house unsupervised, they will attempt to chew on other items as well.

Guinea pigs will engage in play with whatever they come across in their environment. Crumpled newspaper is placed around the perimeter of the pen of some guinea-pig keepers’ animals, providing guinea-pigs with an opportunity to eat and play with the animals.

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Will eating newspapers harm my guinea pig?

It all depends on how much paper your guinea pigs consumed in order to determine the outcome of this experiment. Even a small piece of paper will not have an adverse effect on their health. A large number of guinea pigs tear the paper into small pieces that will be easily digested.

Overeating newspapers, on the other hand, can be detrimental to your pet’s health. It makes no difference how you watch it; however, the newspaper is not meant to be consumed. As opposed to a variety of health problems, it will cause nothing but harm to your test subjects.

The intestine of guinea pigs has been designed to process green foods and hay that is high in fiber content. As a result, paper does not fall into any of these categories. You should monitor how much paper is being consumed by your test subjects, as they may become ill.

The most serious danger of guinea pigs eating paper is that their intestines will become clogged. When it comes to the digestive tract, paper’s material cannot be broken down into small pieces. As a result, if guinea pigs consume large amounts of paper, they may become constipated.

Guinea pigs suffer greatly when they are unable to eliminate waste. Constipation can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including:

  • Your guinea pigs aren’t consuming any food or dry grass at this time.
  • The fact that their stomach has swelled up has been noted.
  • Posture with a hunch
  • Pain manifestations in the body

If you notice any of these signs in your guinea pigs, contact your veterinarian right away. Constipation can quickly escalate into a potentially life-threatening condition.

How to stop guinea pigs eating newspapers?

The most straightforward method of preventing your guinea pigs from eating newspaper is to keep it out of their reach.

Many guinea pig owners use sheets of paper to create boundaries around their cages for their animals. Despite the fact that it is a natural material, it is used for lining. However, there are other options for lining up around the cage-like structure:

  • Fodder Grass Tiny balls of wood used as fodder
  • Chips of wood
  • Coroplast

If you choose to use any of the options listed above, make certain that there is adequate air circulation near their cage. Guinea pigs are prone to respiratory and liver problems, but if you use them correctly, they will cause your guinea pigs less harm.

If you ensure that your guinea pigs’ essential health requirements are met, they will be less likely to consume paper. That indicates that you are providing them with a sufficient amount of foods that are high in nutrients and fiber.

Please keep in mind that your guinea pigs should have an enjoyable communicative life. If you are unable to care for two guinea pigs at the same time, you must devote your time and attention to your single guinea pig. Because lonely guinea pigs experience stress and boredom, they will pass the time by consuming paper to pass the time.

Toys are also necessary for guinea pigs to play with. In the event that they have a large number of toys to play with and are otherwise occupied, they will not be interested in eating papers. Make sure there are plenty of objects and things in the cage of guinea pigs to keep them entertained and entertained.

Can guinea pigs get sick from eating newspapers?

Yes, guinea pigs can become ill as a result of consuming newspaper. You will need to be concerned about the type of ink that was used in those papers. A small number of inks pose a threat to guinea pigs. Inks, on the other hand, are much safer nowadays. Nonetheless, it is preferable to err on the side of caution rather than apologizing.

Inks that are particularly harmful to guinea pigs can be found on greeting cards and booklets.

Because these paper materials are produced on a large scale, the producers can afford to use low-cost toxic inks to print on them.

The fact that they contain wax, which is extremely harmful, does not imply that high-quality pamphlets are non-toxic.

The next thing you should be aware of is that inks can leave colored spots on the fur of guinea pigs. If your pets are white in color, they might enjoy it.

If you notice that the white paws of your pets have turned grey, don’t be surprised. When it comes to guinea pigs, the last thing you want to happen is for them to become ill, especially if their feet and fur are stained by urine or water.

Is newspaper ink toxic to guinea pigs?

When it comes to their cage, newspapers are considered to be standard practice. Reading the newspaper while enjoying your morning tea is a great way to start your day. By the end of the afternoon, you can use them to create boundaries around your pet’s cage.

It is a simple method of reusing newspapers, but the question is whether it is safe or not.

Because newspapers are a common way for people all over the world to learn about new information, press companies are now required to use non-toxic inks in their publications.

In the past, petroleum was used as a base, but now soy and water are used in place of petroleum.

It is recommended that you test these newspapers before giving them to the guinea pigs.

By rubbing your hands together on a newspaper, you can see if the ink becomes blurred, stains your hands, or does not come off your hands when you try to wash it off. Then it is almost certainly a petroleum-based newspaper, and guinea pigs should not be given such a paper.

The inks that contain petroleum-based ingredients never completely dry. It is made up of the same type of oil that a mechanic would use on a car. As a result, it is not recommended to use these types of inks when establishing boundaries for guinea pigs.

Can you use shredded paper for guinea pig bedding?

For example, small bits of paper are much more secure than a full-sized piece of paper because it will already be broken into pieces, and if guinea pigs attempt to eat it, they will be less likely to experience intestinal blockage as a result of it.

Exposure to ink is reduced by using small pieces of paper. As a result, when the paper is crumpled, the ink pieces are also broken into smaller pieces.

It is still not safe to use shredded newspapers as bedding for guinea pigs on their own, even after this procedure.

The use of hay or any other commercial bedding is recommended to supplement the natural bedding.

Another method for teaching guinea pigs how to safely use paper is to give them the entire sheet of paper so that they can tear it on their own. It will be entertaining for them to watch. This option will provide them with some entertainment while also allowing them to use the crumbs of paper to make their bed.

Can guinea pigs eat paper bags?

Guinea pigs are rumored to enjoy playing with paper bags as a source of entertainment. Because they appear to be toys, you can place paper bags around their cage to disguise them.

Your guinea pigs can engage in a variety of activities with paper bags, such as chewing, hiding, and crushing them.

Even paper bags are not completely safe because they are not easily digested by guinea pigs after they have eaten them.

They are substantial and substantial in size. Paper bags, like other types of paper, can cause stomach problems in guinea pigs, just as they can in humans.

Filling paper bags with foods such as hay is the most effective method of allowing guinea pigs to play with them. Your guinea pigs will have a good time while also being in good health if you choose this option.

During mealtime, they will both play and eat together. Even if your guinea pigs appear to be having a good time while playing, do not allow them to chew paper bags unless they express a strong interest or demand to be allowed to.

Can guinea pigs eat paper towels?

Although there is no danger to your guinea pigs when they consume paper towels, it has not been proven that paper towels do not have the potential to cause harm.

If you give guinea pigs paper towels that are both tight and absorbent, they will not be able to digest them.

Paper towels are also wrapped in cardboard, much like toilet paper rolls, which can be adapted to be used with guinea pigs. Make certain that the carton does not contain any pieces of paper towels before giving it to the guinea pigs.

The use of napkins by Guinea pigs can also include playing with them, tearing through them, and using them as cover. However, if they attempt to consume them, this can be dangerous. As a result, it is preferable if guinea pigs are not given towels to use.

This is due to the fact that napkins are solid and difficult to swallow. They may chew on them for an extended period of time, but the problem arises when they try to swallow them whole and get them down into their stomachs.

Last but not least, napkins are difficult to digest. In addition, to make beautiful napkins, different types of dyes are used to create designs, which can be harmful to the health of guinea pigs.

If you are not sure whether dyes are used, do not step forward to offer them to your guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat toilet paper rolls?

There are many different types of paper available, but toilet paper rolls are the least harmful to guinea pigs. Which does not necessarily imply that they are beneficial to the health of guinea pigs. Instead of toilet paper rolls, provide fresh herbs as a source of refreshment for the guinea pigs.

It is not a cause for concern if you discover your guinea pigs biting the ends of their bread rolls while eating. When they eat these rolls, they will only consume a very small amount of paper, as opposed to chewing a regular piece of paper. Your guinea pigs will have no trouble digesting these.

In the event that your guinea pigs end up with toilet paper rolls, offer them the tube that is hidden beneath the toilet paper rolls, which will serve as an excellent toy for your pets. They will eat it, push and pull it around their cage, and generally have a good time with it.

You can even stuff hay or other treats into that tube if you want to get creative. Alternatively, you can attach apple sticks to it to turn it into a guinea pig toy.

Is cardboard safe for guinea pigs to eat?

It is not permissible to feed guinea pigs from cardboard boxes. It can cause problems for them because cardboard is extremely tough and solid, and it cannot be digested if it is consumed.

They will chew on them, push them, and even try to eat them, but they will become exhausted after a short period of time. Guinea pigs will show an interest in eating them, and they will engage in more active play as a result.

Grasping at cardboard isn’t a bad thing; it will keep your guinea pigs busy and entertained for a while. When guinea pigs gnaw on solid cards, the shape of their sharp teeth will be shaped accordingly. Do not, however, allow your guinea pigs to consume cardboard, as it is not suitable for their diet.