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When it comes to guinea pigs, the first question that comes to mind is whether you should get a male or a female. The answer to this question is dependent on your preferences. What exactly is the distinction between them? And which one do you think you should choose?
Guinea pigs make excellent pets for both males and females. Male guinea pigs are very active, and they grow in size as a result. They also have an outgoing personality, which allows them to form quick bonds and become easier to train. They do, however, require a larger cage and more maintenance, and they can become aggressive at times.

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How to tell if a guinea pig is a boy or girl?

It is extremely difficult to tell the difference between a male and a female guinea pig. Even experienced guinea pig keepers may have difficulty distinguishing between the two species. However, there are a few distinguishing characteristics that can assist you in determining the same. These are some examples:

  • Genital area
  • Weight
  • Size

The genital area of a female guinea pig is shaped in the shape of a “Y.” As an added bonus, you’ll notice that sows have a very small space between their vulva and anus. The genital area of a male guinea pig, on the other hand, is typically shaped like a I with a vertical shaft. Because of the presence of testicles in the genital area of male guinea pigs, they have a bulge in their genital area.

What to Look for When Identifying the Gender of a Guinea Pig

In terms of both size and weight, male guinea pigs are larger and heavier than female guinea pigs, although it can be difficult to tell the difference based on size or weight alone. As a result, identifying them by their genital area is the most effective method for you.

It is important to note that there are some behavioral differences between the two species if you are considering purchasing your first guinea pig.

Are male or female guinea pigs better?

is it better to get a male or female guinea pig

Please allow us to compare them side by side in order to determine which one is the best fit for your family.

Is it a boy or a girl Guinea Pig? Which is the superior option?

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Are male or female guinea pigs better?

A guinea pig of any gender will make a wonderful companion animal. Your selection, on the other hand, may differ depending on the type of personality you are seeking.

Males or females for your new Guinea pigs: which is better?

You are probably aware that male guinea pigs have an active, outgoing, and dominant personality, whereas female guinea pigs have a timid and shy personality, as you probably already know.

It is much easier to train a male guinea pig than it is to train a female guinea pig, but females are also much friendlier with their cage mates than males.

In other words, depending on the characteristics you are seeking, you can definitely choose one over the other.

If you want to breed them, then getting a boar first and then finding the right sow for them would be a good idea, according to the experts.

For those looking for a companion for their home, however, any gender will suffice. Just remember to choose a guinea pig that is in good health and has a docile disposition.

During your time with the guinea pig, you can get a sense of what kind of personality they have before bringing them home.

Is it better to have 2 male or 2 female guinea pigs?

It is always preferable to have two females than it is to have two males. Two sows get along well with one another, and the likelihood of them fighting is also very low between them.

Male vs. female guinea pigs

But because of their dominant nature, boars may end up fighting and causing trouble for you in the future, forcing you to separate them from the herd or herding them.

If you have a neutered male guinea pig, on the other hand, you can keep them with a female guinea pig. They will also get along quite well with one another.

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Can two male guinea pigs be kept together?

Yes, it is possible to keep two males together, but the likelihood of them fighting is always present.

This, however, is dependent on their personality, as some guinea pigs can become territorial, which can result in fighting with one another.

If you have kept them together since they were very young, they may get along fine. However, introducing a new male into a cage with an existing male who has been there for some time will almost certainly result in some dominance struggles and fighting between them.

The following suggestions will assist you in keeping two guinea pigs together:

  • Make use of a large-sized cage. There should be at least 8-9 square feet of living space.
  • Have two of everything, including the water bottle, bedding, hiding places, and so forth.
  • Introduce them to each other at a young age. They will grow up together.

For more tips watch the video below:

Can Male Guinea Pigs Live Together?

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As a result, I hope you have decided on one of the two animals to be your companion pet. Despite the fact that both boars and sows have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, they are both excellent pets.

In the event that you have no prior experience with guinea pigs and are bringing them home for the first time, I would suggest starting with a pair of the same gender as your children.

You will not have to deal with the complication of pregnancy as a result of this.

For those who wish to take pleasure in the role of Guinea Pig parent and wish to see their guinea pig family grow, it is recommended that they obtain a male boar and introduce it to an adult female so that they can mate and ensure that the family grows well.

Despite the fact that breeding guinea pigs is not recommended for beginners, if you want to learn more about it, you can consult this guide from Vetzone for more information.

No matter which gender of guinea pig you end up choosing, each one will have their own personality and taste, and you will undoubtedly enjoy spending time with them in either case.

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