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Have you ever noticed that your guinea pigs are attempting to chew through the bars of their cages and wondered why they are doing so? Is it something that occurs naturally? Is it because they have a pressing need for something? Having always been curious about the reasons why guinea pigs bite the cage? I decided to look into it further. Here’s what I discovered!Guinea pigs have a natural instinct to gnaw on their food. Because they have an ever-growing set of teeth that need to be worn down on a regular basis, they must chew things in order to keep them in good shape. Additionally, biting their cage bars could be a sign of boredom, a lack of mental stimulation, a lack of space in the cage, or even an indication of an inadequate diet.There are a variety of factors that can cause guinea pigs to engage in this behavior, and we must investigate each one carefully in order to determine the root cause and prevent them from biting the cage bars.

Despite the fact that they bite their cages on occasion, this is a normal behavior and there is no reason to be concerned.

However, if you notice them biting the bars on a regular basis, you may need to conduct a thorough investigation into the situation.


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Is it common for guinea pigs to chew on the bars of their cage?

Yes, guinea pigs are known to chew on their cages, and this is considered normal behavior. The metal bars, on the other hand, should be discouraged from doing so because they could end up hurting their teeth or lips.

Another issue is that some low-cost cages are painted with chemical paints, which can cause some health problems when consumed.

Although your guinea pig may chew the cage bars from time to time, if they are chewing them on a regular basis, we may need to take action to prevent it.

So, what can we do to keep them from chewing on the bars of their cages? In order to do so, we must first identify the underlying reason for their behavior.

What does it mean when your guinea pig bites the bars of his or her enclosure?

If your guinea pigs are biting the bars of their cage on a regular basis, there is most likely something wrong with them.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that may be causing your guinea pigs to bite their cages and see what they are.

Keep their teeth in good condition:

Guinea pigs have a tooth that is constantly growing and needs to be worn down in order to remain healthy.

The overgrowth of the tooth may cause your guinea pig to have difficulty eating and drinking if the situation continues.

Consequently, guinea pigs chew on a variety of items to keep themselves tired, including vegetables, hay, cardboard boxes, plastic and chew toys, as well as metal bars if they don’t have enough to eat on their own.

Some guinea pigs chew on plastic and metal simply because they enjoy doing so, while others do so in order to keep their teeth worn down and in good condition.

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Cages for small animals:

Guinea pigs require a cage that is at least 30 square feet in size.

The bare minimum recommended cage size is approximately eight square feet, and if your guinea pig does not have a large enough cage with enough space to eat, play, and exercise, they may decide to leave.

The majority of commercial pet store cages are far too small for our guinea pigs, and they will feel uncomfortable if they are forced to live in one.

As a result, when guinea pigs don’t have enough living space in their cage, they will bite the bars of their cage as well.

This incredible Midwest cage for a pair of Guinea pigs is available exclusively on Amazon.

More information on cage size can be found here:

Boredom and a lack of stimulating activities:

Guinea pigs are active animals, and as such, they require some form of activity to keep themselves occupied in order to remain happy.

If your guinea pig becomes bored with its usual routines and there is nothing new to look forward to in their lives, they will begin to bite the bars of their enclosure.

When they don’t have anything to play with or have enough space to move around, they become lethargic, which in turn triggers this habit.

Guinea Pig Boredom Busters: 25 Simple Guinea Pig Enrichment Ideas That Anyone Can Do

Insufficient floor time:

Another important factor contributing to guinea pigs biting their cage is a lack of floor time. The fact that Guinea pigs are caged animals does not negate the fact that they require space outside their cage to run around and play.

A minimum of one hour three to four times per week is required; however, daily exercise would be ideal for them. You can either create a play area in a room by guinea pig proofing the entire room or a portion of it, or you can create a play area in an existing room.

A playpen or run can also be purchased to allow your guinea pigs to spend some time outside of their cage when necessary. This will also assist them in keeping things interesting for them.

I also enjoy these playpen tents, which provide complete coverage for your guinea pig from all sides, including from the top.

If you want to let your guinea pigs out for some floor time on your deck, inside, or even outside, this is a fantastic option!

There aren’t enough vegetables or food:

Guinea pigs require an unlimited supply of hay, followed by a cup of vegetables every day for nutrition.

If your guinea pigs do not receive enough food on a daily basis, they may begin to bite the bars of their cage.

Despite the fact that such circumstances are extremely rare, they are still possible.

I’m trying to get your attention by saying:

When some guinea pigs catch a glimpse of their owners, they begin to bite the bars of their cage.

When guinea pigs are trying to get their owner’s attention, they will engage in such behavior if they do not succeed in doing so.

Also, if your guinea pig is aware that they are about to receive a treat from you, they may attempt to bite the cage in anticipation of the treat.

Piggy for solitude:

It’s important to remember that Guinea Pigs are highly social animals, and if you happen to have only one in your household, it’s possible that they are biting the cage because they are lonely.

It is important to provide plenty of attention and interaction to Guinea pigs, as a lack of attention and interaction can make them feel lonely and depressed. Consequently, the solitude piggy may bite their cage more frequently than other pigs.

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What can guinea pigs get their teeth into?

Some of the most common items that our guinea pigs can chew on include crumbled paper or paper bags, wooden chew sticks, cardboard boxes, hay chew balls, fleece accessories, and other similar items that are available for purchase.

You can also browse through a large selection of chew toys for your guinea pigs on this page.

All of these items are available for purchase on Amazon at a reasonable price. Take a look at the links provided above!

All of the chews and toys that I have for my Guinea Pigs

More options are available to you than you might think. However, these are some of the most secure options available to them.

What can I do to get my guinea pig to stop biting the bars of his cage?

You might have figured out by now that there are a variety of reasons why guinea pigs bite the bars of their cage.

Check out some of the possible solutions to get your guinea pigs to stop biting the bars of their cage now.

Make sure you have some chew toys on hand:

Guinea pigs have an instinctive desire to chew on objects. If you can provide your guinea pigs with some high-quality chew toys, they will soon learn to ignore the cage bars and will begin to chew on the toys instead.

Check to see that the chew toys you buy are suitable for guinea pigs before purchasing them. Most toys on the market are not appropriate for guinea pigs.

When I first tried this amazing pack of fruit snacks that were specially designed for our guinea pigs, I was amazed at how much they enjoyed them. Take a look at them right now. (P.S. If you purchase through the link on the final checkout page, you will receive a 15% discount.)

Top-Rated Guinea Pig Supplies: Our Top Picks! Recommended Guinea Pig Supplies: Our Top Picks!

Before you read on, here are some supplies for your guinea pigs that have been hand-picked by our experts and that you should add to your wishlist right away:

Increase the size of the cage:

If you are a first-time guinea pig owner, you may be wondering how much space those adorable little piggies will require in the first instance.

Although they will grow fairly quickly, if you have a pet store cage, they will outgrow it within a few months of purchasing it.

Guinea pigs require a living space of at least 8 square feet in order to be happy. Eating, hiding, and playing must all take place in a separate area of their cage.

If you have a smaller enclosure, they may not be happy with it and will begin chewing on the cage bars to make room. As a result, construct the largest possible cage for them.

Check out this amazing Midwest cage for your guinea pigs on chewy.

Check out our recommended cage for two or more guinea pigs.

Increase the amount of time they spend on the floor:

Guinea pigs require a lot of floor time to be able to play and exercise. If you have not been able to provide them with it as of yet, you should seriously consider doing so right away.

Providing your guinea pig with at least one hour of floor time per day will keep him energetic and stimulated, which will help to prevent him from biting the bars of his cage.

Providing fresh vegetables on a daily basis:

Guinea pigs require a diet that includes at least one cup of fresh vegetables per day.

Fresh vegetables not only provide guinea pigs with essential vitamins and minerals, but they also aid in the grinding out of their teeth and the maintenance of their overall health and fitness.

They enjoy chewing and munching on their vegetables as much as they do anything else. As a result, providing them with a sufficient supply of fresh vegetables is an excellent way to discourage them from chewing cage bars.

You can also use this incredible germinator to germinate a wide variety of sprouts for your guinea pigs, which will be delicious to them.

As an added bonus, sprouts are an excellent source of Vitamin C for your guinea pigs, and they are also beneficial to their dental health.

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Toys, hiding places, and other forms of mental stimulation:

Gourmand pigs require a large number of toys and hiding places in their cage. It contributes to the activity and stimulation of our guinea pigs.

You can also use this grass house, which is made entirely of natural materials and will be a hit with your guinea pigs because it is so comfortable.

Some guinea pigs bite the bars of their cage because they are bored, and providing them with enough toys will keep them occupied and prevent them from chewing the bars of their cage.

Also, you must be careful not to offer all of the toys at the same time, but rather to rotate them so that your guinea pig does not become bored with a particular toy.

Make a cage mate for your guinea pig:

Due to the social nature of Guinea pigs, confining them to one cage can lead to them becoming lonely and depressed, which can result in them biting the cage.

In this case, if you have an isolated guinea pig, it may be necessary to consider getting them a cagemate.

Guinea pigs prefer to be in groups of two or more, and it is best to keep them together for the sake of their well-being. Having a cage mate or several cage mates will keep them entertained, and as a result, they will be less likely to bite their cage as they were previously.

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Spend some quality time with your guinea pigs.

It is essential that you spend quality time with your guinea pig. Guinea pigs enjoy social interaction with humans as well as with their cage mates. It has a pleasant and calming effect on them.

It has been observed that if you have a strong bond with your guinea pig and you give them enough time, the habit of cage biting will be something unusual for them..

Apply a small amount of mild vinegar:

Applying a small amount of mild vinegar to the cage bar is one of the last options you can consider. Despite the fact that it is not the best option available, you can give it a shot if you absolutely must.

Assuming you have tried everything listed above and your guinea pigs are still biting the cage bars, you have two options: either allow the guinea pigs to bite or place some vinegar in the cage so that the taste and smell will deter them from chewing it.

Because some guinea pigs can become ill as a result of the strong vinegar smell, it is recommended that you only use this method as an absolute last resort and keep an eye on your animal.

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No, guinea pigs should not be allowed to chew on any plastic toys or other items of any kind.

Due to the sharpness of their teeth, Guinea pigs are capable of chewing through plastic and even cutting it into small pieces. If any plastic pieces are swallowed by your guinea pig, it can be fatal due to the fact that it is indigestible.

As a result, avoid using plastic, especially if it is one that can be easily chewed.

Is it okay for guinea pigs to chew on cardboard?

Yes, guinea pigs are perfectly capable of chewing through cardboard without any difficulty. Just make sure there isn’t any adhesive or other chemical residue on it before using it.

Some guinea pigs shred and eat cardboard, which can be harmful to their digestive system. If your guinea pigs eat any of the cardboard, you should avoid using it; however, if they only shred it into pieces, you can continue to use it as is.

Do guinea pigs have the ability to chew on toilet paper rolls?

Yes, guinea pigs are perfectly capable of chewing on toilet paper without any issues. However, avoid offering them a large amount of toilet paper at once because if they ingest a large amount of toilet paper, they may experience digestive issues.

Can guinea pigs eat popsicle sticks? Is this a possibility?

Yes, guinea pigs are perfectly capable of chewing on popsicle sticks without any difficulty. Beech is the wood used to make popsicle sticks, which means they are completely safe to chew on for guinea pigs.

Is it possible for guinea pigs to chew coroplast?

Yes, guinea pigs are capable of chewing coroplast. Make certain, however, that they do not consume small pieces of the same.

As long as they are only chewing the edges of the material and not ingesting the material itself, it is perfectly acceptable to do so.

There have been no reports of guinea pigs suffering any negative consequences as a result of chewing coroplast.

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